Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Soooo whats up family! ;)

Sadly, i have been transfered from Progreso Neuquen... and i have been moved down south to The most beautiful place in the mission! even more than lago puelo! its call Villa La Angostura.  My new companion is from Cordoba the provincia that just dedicated the temple!! he is new and only has 4 months on the mission! we are already getting along super great and i seriously was scared... because i didnt want to leave neuquen.  But i have two super great hermanas in my district.  one i went to school with.  Hermana Epply and also an hermana from Uruguay! its pretty cool! the Hermana from Uruguay is super great and is bran new and is so excited for the work!! this area in villa is completly touristic and hasnt seen baptisms in a while! but i promise you... that is why the lord sent me here!! I am going to change things here with my capo (stud) companion! he is super pumped to work and doesnt doubt anything!! Faaa im so excited!!!!
Good old shoes one year old shined and ready to go to work
But this week was great.  So on the lunes we had a great p day and we just had fun and passed time together as missionaries! then we had a great tuesday where we were just teaching a full! and Hector already is inviting his friends to listen to the missionaries.  we talked to one of his friends in his house and the we put a baptismal date as well for the fourth of july! i hope to see some good news from elder elwood! then, wednesday we were jsut focusing on finding new investigators because i kind of new i would be leaving so i tried to get it as prepared as we could so elder elwood could have some good stuff to show to his new comp.  then surprisingly we got a reference from a guy we stopped in the street and he told us to visit his brother. we went to vist his brother and he was stoked to listen to us! we taught the first vision and he loved it and the spirit was super strong and testified very strongly and he accepted a date to baptized as well! it was great experience! Then the other days were just normal working days just trying to endure to the end!! it was a great week filled with will some great stories!  also we talked to that one maria lady the one i gave a book of mormon to.  She accepted us in here house and we chatted with her.  She is going through a hard time and we just prayed with her, and she was calmed i moved away before i could see other results but i home things go well!
we dont always wear our mustaches, but when we do........we wear them well
On sunday was a day of happiness.... I got to see Hector and Fernando recieve the priesthood aaronic! it was great i got to stand in the circle and participate!! it was a great experience and a very humbling one as well. I know that God blesses his servants when they put there heart to him! i know he loves every one of us! i know that if i work hard i will be blessed!! i love this work and i am still excited to be doing! i dont know how i have kept the excitment to this day but i am still trying to get work done!!

Love you guys with all my heart!! keep things rockin!! Greatings to johnny for his new baby and being a great dad!! i hope things are well!!

Love you guys,

Elder Wessel

i dont know the order.. 

Bishop of Neuquen.  I worked with him a lot and we were great friends!

Flia Carrasco.  The best family that took take great care of me siempre

So this week I picked some good fruits and through some new members into the world of the Mormon life.  :) 

This week was rough igual.  We were working with the people to help them prepare for baptism and that was good.   But we are more worried about getting people to be baptized in the next weeks!! So it was a hard, awesome, long week of hard work and preparation!  AWESOME.

But, what was good is that Hector Francisco Gonzalez Ledesma got baptized on the six of June 2015 and Fernando Segundo contreras got baptized on the seven of June 2015.  And confirmed both of them on the seven of June 2015. :)))

So Saturday, it was crazy we cleaned the font and baptized hector and this lady named Sara. She was from the other elders in my district.  We had a district weekend :) they had a beautiful day.  Fernando was full of doubts and didn't want to get baptized.  HE had is baptismal interview Saturday night then watched the baptisms.  He then was filled with the spirit and say that gave me desires to get baptized.  so it was already to late... so we set him up for Sunday morning at 8 in the morning! The elders drained the water on Saturday night... so as we were leaving we had a little freak out... because it take 3 hours to fill up... hahah 

So the Sunday morning we woke up at five and went and started filling up the water.  Fernando came, blessings worked from god and things went great!! 3 baptisms and 3 confirmations!! It was great I was so happy!!

I never had the spirit testify to me as it did on Sunday when i realized us as missionary's didn't do anything for these baptisms we just were tools in Gods hands!! What a great and crazy week!!!

Love you all so much... :)


Elder Wessel

A lot of work, and not too many fruits.  But things were great! We were able to find two new investigators and start the process for them on his road to baptism!! So we are excited for them.

Hector, is awesome.  This week we talked about how he is getting to prepared to get baptized... but not only that... he already thinking about the mission! So we are super pumped for him.

Fernando as well is right there.  His story is a little more humbling to me, because I feel like it was a baptism and nothing more... but i prayed and asked to feel the love for him, and as i read during church yesterday, the lord blessed me with that love for him.  I worried for him, i worried for what he needed and how he could become better, I worried how I can teach better to fit his needs and a result of that i felt the love of the lord for fernando!! It was a blessing.

Well I had an experience with my testimony of the book of Mormon this week.  This lady we talked to on the street was not really receptive and had had some good experiences with the church but didn't want to admit it.  So we begged her to read it.. She wouldn't.. I did a little prayer in my heart to bless me with a stronger testimony, and this sincerity of that she needs the book to become better and have a happy family and her salvation crept out of my mouth as I said..¨hermana, you need this book. I know its true and it will change your life.¨   she humbled herself and accepted the book! it was fantastic!!
Baseball you sent and a jersey I bought for my birthday


Elder Wessel :)
Members made ne a birthday cake

So the new comp got in, we got the package and now I have mustaches and baseballs!!!  What a great surprise!! 

The comp is great!! I seriously have been blessed by God with such dedicated children of his to work with. I love him already... He reminds me of Cousin Chris!! So it's cool baby!!! 

So this week, let me tell you about our investigators... 

Hector Gonzalez,

  He is a young hoodrat from the Neuquén city and he was curious one day so he searched the Mormon.org website and put himself to chat with other people on the website.. He then asked that person to send over the missionaries to talk to him more!!  So we passed by his and house and he accepted us.. We then went by two days after the restoration and then he accepted a fecha baptism, for the 13 of June. HE then accompanied us to a baptism and then came to church as well the next day!   After church he asked to change is baptism date... to the sixth of June!! He said he didn't want to live with his sins that much longer!! Seriously a blessing from god! Thank goodness!!! 

Fernando Contreras,

He has been assisting for many years to the church, now he has finally listened to the advice from the Lord and decided to get married!! He put his own fecha for the 6 of June!! So we will see miracles for that!! I AM LUCKY that God is blessing me with the power to speak to peoples hearts and change minds!!

Luis Campos,

He finally stopped smoking.. We are trying to help him to accept a fecha baptismal but he just wont.. He has had so many signs from God but just wont admit any of them.. It is seriously super depressing.. Even harder than when anahi started smoking again... I have spent a lot of time with him and he just isn't changing his mind... I guess it will take a little more confidence in the Lord!!

So that is my message this week! I did get my package and Elder Elwood is great! We are working harder than ever! I testify of the love of the Lord! I know he is looking out for me! I know he protects me from the evil there is here. I know he will work miracles if we let him and give him the opportunity to work them!!   Please let him do some miracles homies!!!

Love you guys!!

Elder Wessel
O good news!! i got my new comp! his name is elder Elwood! He is from good ol Idaho!! I have not received the package yet i am still waiting.  I don't have much time but I wanted to talk about the experience I have had this week"!

So, we have an investigator luis" he is super gangsta and has a hard time smoking.  So we made a plan so he could stop smoking by this Saturday so he can stop by the 30 of May and get baptized! He has the date! He has smoked 20 day for 10 years and 2 days ago he smoked 13, yesterday he smoked 9.. He is doing so well! He has such good desire and im super excited!! im super happy! He will be able to be baptized if he follows likes this!!
·                         Then we have a  guy named Fernando, the spirit of the lord has blessed him and giving him the courage to finally get married after 11 years of assisting the church!!!! He will be marred the 5 of June and be baptized the 6 the day after!! We just went over one day to teach him, and he said dudes, im getting marred!!! We jumped for joy and left relishing in the sprit!! i love you guys with all my heart!! Keep up the love!! Elder Wessel!!

elder ogden!! he is going home! my comp in the Lago Puelo!
Hola, Muy buenos dias!!

Faaaa this week.  Well I can honestly say that... wow, feels the same as the last week!! haha All the rumors are true! We had to stay in the pension for a long time!! A whole two day! Only a little bit of ceniza(ash) fell.  It was a lot! But it was enough that they wanted us to stay in!! But we still had the opportunity to work!!

While we were stuck inside, we played monopoly, truco (argentina card game), risk, uno!! And me and my comp became master chefs with cinnamon rolls and all different types of food!! haha do you know I don't have marshmallows or gram crackers?? I cant make smores!!

Honestly it's super hard to tell you guys this... but seriously we just aren't having success!! I don't know what it is...  this week I did a lot of reflecting as we walked the chilly streets..;) haha but seriously, God is so great! He produces miracles if we let him.  There is nothing in this world that he can't accomplish... HE CANT BRING POEPLE BACK TO LIFE:  I mean why couldn't he help us with investigators.  Then I realized the only thing holding him back.. The missionary  I am.  I promise I am obedient but I realized there is a lot more that I could be doing.  I could stop doing the minimum and work on the small things are do the maximum that i can do! I have strengthened my faith. I study my heart out to learn the lessons! i know as i grow and bring my self to become worthy enough to teach his children, he will bless me with investigators!!

It is super humbling to be on the mission and learn the lessons I have learned! I am so happy with the decision to serve!! I do love you guys with all my heart! i am working my butt off!!

Just remember humble yourself, love god more than anything else, and things will be worth it in the end!!

Love you guys! The camera thing isn't working! I will try and send pictures next week!!



haha what tuff one... so this week was fun! week ws fun! we found one good new investigator and he is super great! he is listening to us and is willing...

all the dates for baptism fell this week. we dont have one anyomre... But what we falt now is getting people to come to church... man that is the hardest part! people dont believe in marriage and they dont believe in waking up and coming to church.  So during the week they are shy and dont watn to answer the door! soooooo that was the week!  a lot of walking and not teacheing.  it sucked! but we are persevering with faith! and trusting in the lord! i promise you! 

We baptized the kid of the lady we baptized last week! his name is GAEL.  he is capo!! i love him! and we asked me before he got confirmed... ¨´elder, now is baptism by fire?´´  it was presious! i loved it!! haha 

that was my week! loveyou gusy!!!! keep up the faith!!

elder Wessel 

pictures are working... sorry i will send them next week yall!!! ;) loves ya!
HAY carramba...

THings are great... so when success comes, the trials come at you like the tsunami that his haiti.... this week was so hard... Seriously.  If you can imagine calling every investigator a night before to meet with you the next day, then have everything fall through in that day... that is what happened... EVERY DAY! haha it was great.

Seriously nothing huge happened.  I have two cool experiences tho... 

The first is that yesterday.. we had a ton of appointments after church and we have to go visit all the investigators after church to yell at them and ask why they didnt come..;) haha so things were looking super good right... wrong... visited every person and everything fell through. the tema of the week.  So during the whole week we passed this one street and i always wanted to contact it... but i never did.  We really ran out of things and people to visit. so we did! We contacted this street. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY WAVING FINGERS IN MY FACE IN MY WHOLE LIFE TIME:  that street was so long.  it took an hour to touch every door.  the last house we touched..... invited us to come back and excepted a book of mormon.  IT TOOK ONE HOUR TO GET TO HIS HOUSE:  i started to think about that experience a lot... and how god sends us through all these hard trials to test us.  I think he was testing the dilegence that we have a missionaries, to see if we are worthy to teach this child of his.  THis guys name was cristian.  SUper cool and very receptive. Hopefully something good comes out from it!... one hour... haha 

The other one was we had a terrible day earlier in the week, and it was a hour before time to go home... i told my comp... bueno, una casa mas... he agreed. The first house we went to, this chica came out and invited us in.  We then taught the restauration to them, and set baptisms dates for may second.  IT was great! but they already dropped us... haha but i learned that if we stay diligent though the day, god will give us a chance to testify of his gospel! is was great!! i love those experiences... even tho they are super hard!!!

other than that, the hermanas baptized one lady they found that week i was able to inspire them, and they asked me to baptize her!! it was great!! i will send photos!!

I modified my moms dicho... 
Trust in the lord,
Stand Strong

i learned a lot of the law of sacrofice this week.  I will sacrofice myself for his work!! i love you guys!

Keep it super cool!! love you guys more than a mama bear loves her young!!

Elder Wessel 

ps you remember beau mccarlie??? on of my bestfriends from provo... HES IN MY MISSION:  he lived right by days market!!

Hola familia..
Me parece que todos de usted estàn en duda ahora.... Entonces voy a escribirles en Español.  Que les parece?
Ahora, estoy muy bien.  Estoy un poco con estres.  Pero pasa siempre en la mision.  Esta semana ha sido una muy maravillosa... y estoy muy agradecido por tenerla.  No tenia muchas experiencias... pero creo que sugun mi fe, dios va a poner las experiences y las bendiciones que necesito en mi camino, no? Siendo lider de distrito tengo que ayudar a todos los misioneros en mi distrito.  Sabiendo eso, las hermanas fueron robados esta semana, entonces tuve que estar con ellas mucho tiempo y perdì mucho tiempo en mi area. Los ladrones robaron todo. Camera, Garment, Ropa, moletas, maquillaje, jaja fa era feisimo.  Una de las hermanas queria irse a la casa pero entre todos los misioneros y otras cosas ella se quedò.  fwuuu... haha 
Ojalà que me intiendan.  Una experiencia esta semana pasò con Elder Cardenas.  Se acuerdàn de èl?? cuando yo comenze, estaba alli en cultral co conmigo! y hicimos intercambios esta semana y fuimos a un lado y visitamos a una mujer se llamaba Romina.  Y esta leccion fue de diez.  El espiritu no era tan fuerte pero ella acepto la fecha despues de la leccion de la restauracion, y despues de enseñar la ley de castidad! y sus unicas palabras eran, ¿Que tengo que hacer para bautisarme? enserio, no me pude imaginar! esa fue la experiencia esta semana.  
Ahora, Disculpàme, pero no tengo photos, pero les amo mucho! no tengo much tiempo.  estamos trabajando con el señor.  Nos està bendiciendo! gracias por todo su apoyo!!! LES QUIERO MUCHO!!!

Cuidense mucho! 
Elder wessel

Im sorry i wrote in spanish.  But people were doubting me... so i showed them that i can speak in spanish!! i really can!! love you guys!!!