Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

haha what tuff one... so this week was fun! week ws fun! we found one good new investigator and he is super great! he is listening to us and is willing...

all the dates for baptism fell this week. we dont have one anyomre... But what we falt now is getting people to come to church... man that is the hardest part! people dont believe in marriage and they dont believe in waking up and coming to church.  So during the week they are shy and dont watn to answer the door! soooooo that was the week!  a lot of walking and not teacheing.  it sucked! but we are persevering with faith! and trusting in the lord! i promise you! 

We baptized the kid of the lady we baptized last week! his name is GAEL.  he is capo!! i love him! and we asked me before he got confirmed... ¨´elder, now is baptism by fire?´´  it was presious! i loved it!! haha 

that was my week! loveyou gusy!!!! keep up the faith!!

elder Wessel 

pictures are working... sorry i will send them next week yall!!! ;) loves ya!

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