Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So this week I picked some good fruits and through some new members into the world of the Mormon life.  :) 

This week was rough igual.  We were working with the people to help them prepare for baptism and that was good.   But we are more worried about getting people to be baptized in the next weeks!! So it was a hard, awesome, long week of hard work and preparation!  AWESOME.

But, what was good is that Hector Francisco Gonzalez Ledesma got baptized on the six of June 2015 and Fernando Segundo contreras got baptized on the seven of June 2015.  And confirmed both of them on the seven of June 2015. :)))

So Saturday, it was crazy we cleaned the font and baptized hector and this lady named Sara. She was from the other elders in my district.  We had a district weekend :) they had a beautiful day.  Fernando was full of doubts and didn't want to get baptized.  HE had is baptismal interview Saturday night then watched the baptisms.  He then was filled with the spirit and say that gave me desires to get baptized.  so it was already to late... so we set him up for Sunday morning at 8 in the morning! The elders drained the water on Saturday night... so as we were leaving we had a little freak out... because it take 3 hours to fill up... hahah 

So the Sunday morning we woke up at five and went and started filling up the water.  Fernando came, blessings worked from god and things went great!! 3 baptisms and 3 confirmations!! It was great I was so happy!!

I never had the spirit testify to me as it did on Sunday when i realized us as missionary's didn't do anything for these baptisms we just were tools in Gods hands!! What a great and crazy week!!!

Love you all so much... :)


Elder Wessel

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