Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey Fam...


 I don’t have much to say.. Just the lord is just blessing us out the wazzuuu... We are trying our best to be super obedient and loving everyone we come in contact! On the 24 of October we have 2 baptisms and on the 31 we have 3 so please pray!


We have a pareja, a couple that’s not married, that has stop having sex stopped drinking stopped doing everything bad, started to repent and they will get married before the 31 and they will be baptized on the 31°° its awesome... we saw him on the street one day and he told us, Hey elders, I’m not going to have sex anymore. And my gf is going to stop drinking!!!! haah they will defiantly get baptized.  Then we have a miracle of Claudio that just came to our area that has been getting prepared and he will be baptized on the 24 with Enrique.  please pray for them that they can feel the spirit and accept to be baptized!!! :)


Its awesome!! I love you guys!! kill it this week!! :)


Elder Wessel :)