Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, March 21, 2016

¿Cómo anda la familia?   

   Good morning to all! I hope things are just spectacular for you guys!! Things have been great for me! So this week has been one for the books.  It has been full of revelation for the mission and helping a lot of the missionaries work on what they could get better. 

 We have noticed that in our mission right now, that we do not have many investigators.  We can find through our own efforts but after that, the missionaries and the investigators just don’t work.  It´s kind of sad.  So, that wasn’t my purpose this week.  It wasn’t suppose to be go and help the missionaries find, but it turned out just being with the zone leaders and helping them understand how to help the missionaries work harder in using the members. 

  I started in San Martin on Monday and we didn’t stay long.  We headed down to Esquel that same day, and we arrived that Monday afternoon.  Then, on Tuesday we stayed and worked with the missionaries helping them set up people to baptize.  We were will an Elder that didn’t really have anyone to teach and it was really a hard day.  His name is Elder Lyman.  He showed us that even though its rough, if you are working your hardest, GOD will forgive and we can be Happy!! Then we moved on up to Bariloche, I got to show the zone leaders all the people I taught so they could go and baptize them, they found one after I had left, who I showed them, and he is getting baptized this coming weekend. His name is Ezequiel. We had an inspiration party in bariloche with the leaders and they got some good stuff set up for their zone that they are going to do. Then I was in San Martin again where the missionaries showed me some pure desires.  They are new missionaries. There are 6 of them and they all have less than 8 months.  I loved being with them and showing them how to be firm and speak and teach with authority because they were so humble and willing to learn. I really felt like a new missionary again. Then President called and asked me to drive him to Esquel again. I was alone they and my comps had already returned to Neuquen. So it was a drive with the President, his wife, and me. There he asked me to participate in auditing the district of Esquel that is growing into a stake.  So we took a good 7 hour drive from San Martin to Esquel on Saturday and then on Sunday after church, we left from Esquel and headed to Neuquen.  We did 1100 kilometers in 8 and half hours.  IT was fantastic.  I had some good conversations with president and his wife and learned a lot! 

  Elder David A. Bednar said in his talk "ask in faith" that, "the members of the church are the missionaries.  They are ones who should be finding for the missionaries so they only teach.  A missionary should only teach." And later in a conference he stated "Missionaries are not here to do the missionary work, they are here to help the members do it." So our purpose is to teach.  We need to find the way to work better with members so that they can understand how to help us.  We need to become one with members and there, in that moment, will the church establish Zion here in Argentina.  Actually, from the scriptures we read that after the work with members, things start to rise and the missionaries baptize more.  (Helaman 5) 

  I have been really preparing my testimony of Jesus Christ and my repentance process and the way that I can grown in grace and in faith.  I have notice that when I pray I have to be ready to act.  I have to know that God will only answer my prayers if I act.  Therefore, if I want to a testimony of something, I have to stand up and share it.  I have to go get it.  If I want to repent, I have to use all the steps.  Like Alma the younger, to complete his repentance process, he had to declare the word of God.  HE HAD TO DECLARE REPENTANCE!! We cannot repent unless we share the gospel.  Have you ever thought about it? It is so wonderful and fills my soul with joy.  I understand a little bit more! I know that Jesus Christ lives.  I have seen miracles in my life.  Especially in my mission.  I have been praying hard to know what to do, and it has been cool man, I felt like I have been having conversations in my prayers with him.  He answers.  HE LOVES US.  I hope that everyone can get to the point where everything we are doing, we do with trust that it will benefit the kingdom of God.  I love this work.  I really feel so awesome this week. I know God is watching me. 

I love you guys! Here are some pictures of this week.  We traveled a lot but we had some hold ups.  
Love you guys
Elder Wessel