Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, December 14, 2015

Whats up Fam?? how ya´ll doin?   

Sooo this week was interesting.  We have had a good week and we are baptizing more and more each week and I’m so excited that I start dancing like a crazy man around the house!  But seriously, I don’t have very much to write about so ill just let you know how much I enjoy the mission.  I have never been so happy in my life.  I really feel like I’m smiling, being excited all day, laughing, serving and there is nothing in this world that has brought me so much happiness in this life.  That is to say if we didn’t count Christmas music.. ;) I love Christmas music! haha  
Thanksgiving dinner Argentina style

This week we did transfers! We did the whole reunion and everything.  It was one of the coolest things ever.  Kind of scary as well when I am the one moving the missionaries around and their whole life is depending on where we put them on this board.  SOOO we prayed hard and seeked very carefully for the guidance of the spirit.  I had a cool learning experience while we were doing this... At the start of the meeting, we knelt in prayer for guidance.  As my President embarked in the prayer, I fell to temptation, and opened my curious eyes.  I didn’t see any angels or anything weird.  What I saw was my President hunched over on his knees, head bowed to chin to chest, eyes humble closed and his countenance what beaming humility and submission to the Lord.  As I heard the pure words ask for guidance the room filled completely with the spirit, I didn’t see anything but I felt and could sense the angels guiding the thoughts and the actions.  The coolest thing about it is we were laughing and happy during the whole thing.  We were serious being robots with the spirit.  We enjoyed the things that God had blessed us with.  I loved that experience and I thought I would share that.

 Transfers went from 10 am -1 pm on Tuesday morning and it was awesome.  But it’s cool, the week went on and we realized that we ignored the spirit on something’s, or the spirit would guide us to other changes that we needed to make.  And it was an experience that I’ll never forget.  Even now, I’m still receiving things and promptings for the mission.  IT’S INCREDIBLE that God trusts me enough to be here.  I feel great. I hope I’m fulfilling my purpose.  

Other than that, I’m writing today because next week will be all the transfers and we won’t have time.  All the old missionaries are going home, and the new ones get here.  Soooo, yeah.. I’m writing today! I will probably read everything on Monday!! 

Side note, yesterday on Friday, we talked on the radio with a member.  We went to the radio and testified of the book of Mormon and it was cool!! It was a new way of testifying what I know to be true!

 Family, I love you guys!!  DONT FORGET;  

 The mission is incredible.  I love everything about it.  I love learning.  I love coming closer to God. I love being used by him!!  Let’s all glorify God in our daily acts and bring people unto him.  

 Like the story of Alma the younger when the angel came to him.  He said I come to fulfill the promises of God.  HE has heard the prayers of this people and of his servant who is Alma, your father.  Alma the younger changed because of the faith and prayers of other people!! let’s change people’s lives.  Let’s pray for other peoples.  Let’s leave our comfort zone and do things we wouldn’t ever do, to bless other people!! 

 Love you guys!!!

 Elder Wessel


Monday, December 7, 2015

Missionary's in Chas Malal
So.... sorry I forgot to write this last week.. We were super busy and honestly didn’t have time.. haha but there was nothing really to report.  So all I’m going to talk about now is what I’ve been up to.

Chas Malal

    This week we were still traveling helping El Presidente with all his interviews.  We actually went down to Bariloche to interview all those missionaries.  That is where the President and my comp got robbed.  I did not.  Don’t worry.  We were at lunch and nothing happened to us.  No one was hurt.  They broke into the truck and stole the camera of our pres that is super nice, then they stole his mac book, a dell laptop, his I pad, and my comps camera and his memory cards.. So that yes was sad... but things are great we are still happy.  I learned a lot from pres that day and his patience with the Lord.  He new immediately that the Lord is trying us of our faith because we are in a great work and he told us... "Something huge is going to happen Elders." haha so we are excited and super humbled to learn from him.

  This week after bariloche we went up to villa la angostura and helped the missionaries there, we spent that p day in villa... super gorgeous!! haha great.  Then we went on home.

 IN our mission, we have fell from an average of like 30 baptisms a month to like 15 these past months.. We worked hard and did a tour of our mission, teaching the importance of baptism and the gospel is what makes us happy!  If people don’t get baptism they cannot access or use the atonement of Jesus Christ.  People can literally not repent unless they get baptized by water and by fire.  It is the only way.  We have to work with our heart, might, mind and strength exactly how Doctrine and Convenience 4 tells us so we can achieve that goal that God has.  If we don’t serve diligently, searching to save souls, we will appear before God with the sins of all the people that didn’t receive the gospel because we were not brave enough to talk to them...  Like is says in Enos,  if we do achieve these things, "Come unto me, good and faithful servant."  There is a place prepared for thee in the mansion of my father and glory on high.  I want that promise. I know by serving the lord, glorifying his name, bringing souls unto him I can hear those words!! I’m super excited!! After teaching those words to the mission, we ended up baptizing 40 people in the mission last month. And we started of diciembre with 14 in the first week.  That just doesn’t happen in our mission.  WE ARE SO BLESSED BY GOD!!!! We changed the name of December... it’s called in Spanish, BAUTICIEMBRE. (diciembre)  so BAPTIZEMBER.  It’s a great month and a great way to give a gift to Christ and God.  A savior has been born.  Do YOU GUYS REALIZE THE MIRACLES GOD MAKES FOR US WHEN WE ARE OBEDIENT??? ;)

 Then things just have been going well.  We are with President doing transfers now for the next transfer the spirit of revelation is strong and awesome.  

 We are planning a leaders council for the month of bauticiembre, and in the AP spot, there has not been a baptism in this area for more than 2 years... So me and my comp, put all our faith and ideas together, and we thought that before the council we could baptize one person so that the mission could realize that its possible.  We don’t even have and area, and we went with some missionaries to some old investigators that have been to church, and we had a spirit filled lesson outside his door.  HE had never wanted to get baptized, but last night he committed himself to get baptized before the council!! Wow!! God completes with his promises!! GOD LIVES!!

 You guys I love my mission.  It’s awesome!! There is nothing better! I’m too happy... I don’t want to leave!!

 I love you guys!!

Elder Wessel 

Monday, November 23, 2015

PDay with El Presidente

SoOOOO this week was fantastic!! We did a huge tour of our whole mission, and we started on the Friday before that and we got home Saturday night!! Let’s get started... 

We left on Friday of the last week and we headed down to Esquel. Esquel is the farthest zone away from the mission home.  SOOO it was a fun trip.  We were able to pass by a ton old places that my comp and I have been and meet some really incredible people!! Really we have been so happy.
To Try and get better we have made a presentation to help the missionaries  to understand their purpose here in the mission.  Y eso es john 3:3-7 he who doesn’t get born of water and the spirit cannot enter into the kingdom of God... something like that.. But we have thought a lot of that and know that we need to help people understand that if we don’t help, people cannot repent. They cannot participate of the atonement of Jesus Christ. It will be impossible for them unless they have made those covenants with the lord.  So our job is highly important. And some missionaries just highly don’t understand.  So that has been our struggle to help them understand that this is not a game.  We are here prepare people to meet God.  I wish the missionaries could understand that. WE would be an outstanding mission.  Honestly it’s still super awesome.


So we have taken a road trip from Esquel which has traveling, and then we went  to zone of Bariloche which has El Bolson, then we went to San Martin with has Villa la Angostura, then we went to Zapala which has Chos Malal, then we went to Cutral Co which has Ricon de Los Sauces.  Then we went to Plottier and then nqn oeste, and then Roca and now we are going to finish all the other zones that we lack. We did that all in a week.  It was a long trip. Believe me!


So really I have been able to just see some real changes in missionaries and see that repentance is real! I feel like that is our main job right now.  While we don’t have an area, we just are with the missionaries calling them to repentance.  WE have all ready seen many changes in missionaries.  Some missionaries have called president telling him that they are sorry for what they have done and want to change after they have met with us.  President calls us his sons that he never had.  He is super happy and last night, he told us, you guys are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  That made me feel really good.
Because adjusting to the new mission way has been hard.  I was so use to working hard and finding people and now that it is different, he understands and he shows a lot of love. I REALLY appreciate what he has done. Missionaries are baptizing more, we are a more obedient mission and we love the Lord.  It’s a testimony every day that the atonement is real and CHRIST LIVES!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  And happy New Year!! President asked us to make him a turkey for thanks giving, but they don’t celebrate it so he wants us to give it a shot with him!!


Love you guys!!


Mom send me recipes now!! Before tomorrow!!!


Monday, November 16, 2015

SOOO the week has gone super fast eh...  

I have been working a full! So this week we were able to work miracles in missionaries.. I’ve been able to help and see the hand of god! I love it! I’m grateful for every experience. 

I don’t have much time because we are traveling.. But on Monday we went to training in Zapala to help some zone leaders that are kind of a pain in the neck. So we watched that and we loved it and participated and helped out, and the spirit grew over everyone! We were super happy.  We had a missionary that wanted to go home. But we were there, and we took him to the sacramental and we talked to him.. And we gave him a blessing.  Seriously just felt power and happiness for serving this missionary.  Side note... Pres. took away our area because he wants us to help the mission.  So that change has been super hard for me... But as I placed my hands over his head, and then see the tears drop from that missionary's eyes, and look at me with gratitude for the blessing... God confirmed to me that this is my new mission.  I need to travel, bless, and exhort to the missionaries.  This missionary then called President after we took him to get ice cream and talk to him, he called pres and repented and told him he did not want to go home! Seriously something amazing.

Then we were down in El Bolson and lago puelo again, and we were in the church with the missionaries teaching helping them with problems with their bishop, and these members showed up with their investigator that was very indecisive about baptism.  So we taught him prayer.  We asked him if God was here, what would you ask him, He told us, I would ask him if it would change my life, and if I should get baptized.  We then told him God is here, ask him.  We went to the sacrament room to feel the spirit, there was like 10 people there.  We entered, I sat next to him, and he did the prayer.  He said the most sincere prayer, and then finished, and closed his eyes again.  We stayed in silence for 3 min.  My comp, then asked, what do you feel. He told us, I feel something super hot. Something that could be my answer.  Then we sat in silence a little bit longer, and then I asked him, What does he want to do now. He looked in my eyes, and said, “I want to get baptized." we then put the date and he gets baptized next week! 

God lives.  God is great. He answers prayers.  If they are sincere. 

I love the work. I love how I can help.  Honestly, I cant imagine myself in any other place. God has blessed me so much.  He opens my eyes, mind, and heart.  Fills me with love, fills me with inspiration and honestly, I see missionaries a little more like he sees them.  Even though they cause problems... I love the mission. I love the missionaries.  I love God!! 

Love you guys!  

Elder Wessel.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey man, how are you guys doing?? I hope things are all super well for you guys! so this week was super crazy... I can tell that my emails are getting pretty boring because mom is sending me things to write about.. haha I’m sorry I honestly suck at expresión what I want to say and how I want to say it. So I will try and get better.


So I feel like things are pretty cool.  Getting adjusted the new life and I’m just enjoying it!!  Really I’ve been just learning so much from the president and he has expressed so much trust in us to take over the mission and turn it into a baptizing mission.  ITs been so cool.


So this week, I got to the office on Sunday night and started doing the drives test that the church does.  Its super funny and kind of scary.  It starts off with some slide show presentations and then goes into how to be a defensive driver, which I wasn’t before, ;) mm.. haha but then it starts showing some rad and funny videos.  A bunch of hillbillies and how not to drive.  Then all of a sudden it just shows up with some apostles and them droping some loving cane.  They talk about the importance and our condemnation if we suck at driving... haha it’s scary.  But it was funny to think about how really everything we do has or should have a spiritual purpose to it. So it was cool to think that when someone cuts me off now I’m going to be able to wave and smile and be grateful for the favor I could do for them. ;) haha


On Monday, we had all the interviews for the missionaries that were going home! It was a craziness.  Holy cow.. all of them stayed in our pension and they went outs... Like what ever the mission is gone!! hah it was a disaster.  But then, it was a complete change when all the new missionaries got here on Tuesday afternoon. I enjoyed that so much.  We just spent time with them, made them feel welcome and just show them how the mission works! We had a great time and I got spiritually regenerated from their energy! I love it!! Then we sent them off with their trainers and all the trainers are super great@@ so they will all become great missionaries!! I’m so excite for them! ;)


Then on Friday nothing really happened.. It was a hard day. We just kind of hung out with pres, he told us what he wants us to do.. HE told us in his own translated words.. Elders I want you to be my assistants.  I need this mission to change. I need baptisms and God told me to call you two.  So if I needed you to work in the field I would have kept you there. But I need you guys to help me change the mission.  So that is our mission now, We are going to be traveling helping the missionaries get excited and pumped about the mission work and be at their sides cheering them on when they baptize!! :)  So I’m pumped!!!!


My Comp elder Motzkus is from north Salt Lake, he is legit.  We met each other when we were district leaders and we were just innata bestfriends so when we came to white wash we were both pumped and instantly great friends.  IM so happy and we get along great! ;) haha 


Then on Sunday we left to a city 2 hours away to got to church in a little branch far away from everything and it was just so cool.  We have been super happy.  And in the class there, there was a family of investigators and we gave their daughter a blessing to heal her from cancer.. I don’t know what happened yet, but it was a spirit filled room and I know that through their faith, great things will happen.  I’m super pumped! 


Really I have been stressed, happy, living, running, going crazy, spiritually active and there is nothing better.  Just getting used to everything.  There is a saying in Spanish that is when you can do anything else, you say theres nothing else... "no queda otro" haha so we say all that time!! :) 


I hope that was better..  I don’t really have many photos.. cámara is too big and i hate carrying it... So all the pics will be on Facebook!! 


Love you guys with all my heart. I hope you like the letter mom!!!


Elder Wessel

Monday, November 2, 2015

passing the mantle(phone)
So Family, whats cooking?? I hope everything is just doing great... so I have been called as assistant to the president of the great mission Argentina Neuquen. Its super weird, President called me on martes and asked if I could come up and help him out.. so that is what has happened and now we are here in the office and my sd card doesn’t work so I will not be able to send photos this week... haha my time has come to an end in Bariloche and it was such a good little experience and I’m super excited to start another chapter in my life here in the office... haha its super weird but I’m turning crazy!! haha


So this week Claudio got baptized down in bariloche. He was super pumped and the day after we had fast and testimony meeting and he got up and bore a sweet testimony in front of everyone.. I’m super pumped for him! super proud.  Really I don’t have much time, but I have been lucky that I can be a tool in the hands of the Lord.  I’m so happy for this other opportunity to serve, and become a better servant of the lord Jesus Christ! 


Family I love you guys! ... next week ill do it! 


Elder Wessel 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hola familia,

So this week i dont really have much time! im going to villa la angostura again with a member.  Its super close to bariloche and my pres. gave me permision.  So we are going to spend p day there! its will be dope! haha but im awesome! 
ward activity

We will be baptizing claudio this week! my comp and i felt the impression to challenge the missionaries to baptize someone this week and we will be baptizing a full as a zone!! so we will see if the missionaries get pumped!! i love you guys!!
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Im great and super happy!! :) 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey Fam...


 I don’t have much to say.. Just the lord is just blessing us out the wazzuuu... We are trying our best to be super obedient and loving everyone we come in contact! On the 24 of October we have 2 baptisms and on the 31 we have 3 so please pray!


We have a pareja, a couple that’s not married, that has stop having sex stopped drinking stopped doing everything bad, started to repent and they will get married before the 31 and they will be baptized on the 31°° its awesome... we saw him on the street one day and he told us, Hey elders, I’m not going to have sex anymore. And my gf is going to stop drinking!!!! haah they will defiantly get baptized.  Then we have a miracle of Claudio that just came to our area that has been getting prepared and he will be baptized on the 24 with Enrique.  please pray for them that they can feel the spirit and accept to be baptized!!! :)


Its awesome!! I love you guys!! kill it this week!! :)


Elder Wessel :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

they are just doing soooo well! im so happy for them! the investigators
are keeping the commitments, they all came to church and they all left were
edified by the spirit! im so grateful for all of them... Im super happy to
be here.  Im here with two members, Lorena and Pablo, they are both served
missions and are my favorite members here. Im so grateful for all the
things they did. They brought an investigator named Raul and his son Walter
to the church. he was so spirit filled after the conference that he couldn’t
even express himself. He gets baptized now this same month. There was
another guy with his wife, named Maxi and Noelia,  they came and they have
just seen miracles in their lives.  And maxi had to leave right after
conference ended and he told his wife to tell me,  (i know for a fact that
i will be baptized on the 31.) the prophets spoke to him!

Conference was great" the investigators are awesome!! God loves us! one
thing that really stood out to me was the talk of the Prophet.  He told us
to keep  the commandments.  He was so driven that he lost strength.  But he
could have back down, and left but he did what a man of God would do.  he
stood strong, bore the testimony most strong that i have ever heard in my
life and told us to repent. And be obedient.  I know that Thomas s. Monson
is a prophet of God! I know he has been called along with all the Apostles!!

I loove you guys!

Elder Wessel :) love you guys!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Whatss up family??

So this week was a blur... We had 3 white washes in our zone.... That is when they take out both missionaries from their area and put in two new ones.. and they don’t know anything about the area... so we had a whole lot of time out side of our area getting to know a ton of stuff!! haha but... we didn’t even work in our area... only Wednesday, and Saturday and Sunday! it was kind of crappy! but we are helping the zone.. and God blessed us, he prepared the ward and blessed us with walter.. even tho we prepared him last week, we were only able to visit him two times this week and it was super scary.. but things went well and he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost!! so that was awesome! Seriously God is blessing us.. last week we had 8 people in church, this week again, we had 8 people in church!! investigators are flocking to the fonts! God is showing his hand and manifesting himself to all!! :) its awesome!

I really don’t have many words to say.. we didn’t really get to see that much stuff, we also had to travel to neuquen for leaders council . that was pretty cool! we got some new rules... we are going to have another zone training tonight again.. haha but we are super pumped! now, really im just super grateful and nothing else man! i know god lives.  He is blessing us.  But the greatest thing about it all is that the investigators and staying active and they have a ton of friends in the church!! i love it!!

I want to remind you guys about patience.  God loves us. We need to wait on him.  Give him time to bless us.  We work hard in patience, wait patiently on him. Pray as if all depended on him and this will work out. Even if the blessing comes immediately, tomorrow, next week, next year or after we die, we will get the blessings... its a promise!! patience real is a virtue! haha i love you guys! i love god. i love the mission work!

love Elder Wessel

Monday, September 21, 2015

whats up family,

This week was super fetching crazy!!! So like you guys know the Sunday was crazy we had a solid 6 investigators in church and some of those
investigators just came up to us and asked us if they could get baptized.

So that is what we did! the whole week we worked hard to bless the lives of
the ward and baptize makarena! she was baptized on Saturday and then her brother will be baptized this Saturday and then they invited more nephews and nieces and uncles and aunts to be baptized... things are so fetching crazy we are going to be the biggest tools in the lords hands this week!! im so happy for how the lord has blessed us!! :) its awesome!! :)

This week my comp left.  I have a new comp named Elder Moody from Draper!! He is super cool! and we already get a long great!! I love working in the work of the Lord! We are super blessed because we are trying to be obedient and trying our best to glorify our GOD!

The zone training was spectacular! we talked about how enoch was scared
when the lord called upon him to preach to his people.  IN Moses 6:31 he
talks and says, but god, every body hates me, im just a young lad and i
cant do anything.  With his fear and his humility, he translated not only
himself but also his city! so we talked about that and our zone Got super
pumped! Our numbers got raised up this week so we did see a little
difference in the attitude and the fear of the missionaries is going away!!
My zone is the greatest ever!!! I love all those missionaries with all my
heart!!! :)  man, God is great!!

I hope I can contaminate all of bariloche with happiness that the gospel
brings me!! I love you guys!! but I do love the gospel and what God is
doing for me! Im so happy to be serving him and being a small tool in his
hand!! I love it!!

CHRIST LIVES; GOD LIVES:  Thanks to them, we can work miracles!!!

Elder Wessel

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14

Well this week was surely nothing to special!! we worked our butts off like
always but miracles are so normal now that i dont know which one to write
you guys!! haha but family just know i have a testimony of the lord and
savior jesus christ and i know god lives.  With all my heart i will glorify
him and that is was i am doing!!

We made invitations this week so people will start coming to church.. we
ahve been struggling with that, but now since we have been trying supe hard
for that to work god blessed us! we had a less active member come, with her
daughter that isnt baptized, her grandaughter that isnt baptized and
another girl that is aless active.  They came up to us and asked if we
could baptize them! it was a miracle and an answer to our prayers.  im
super happy for that! we also had 3 other investigators in church and now,
we will start baptizing all of them in these weeks!! im super happy and
super glad to be a worthless tool in the hands of god! i know he blesses me
and i know he is using me now!! i love the zone im working with.

We are worried about the zone because they are scared.  They dont have
courage and are very timid! we called a speciall zone meeting for this
night.  We are going to talk about how to be missionaries who testify with
out fear and challenge and how to teach effectivily so we start baptizing
as a zone!! im super pumped, planning i felt the spirit testify that the
lord is pleased with this decision and we are super pumped to transmit our
excitement to the zone! please pray that we will be able to get rowdy wiht
them and they will leave edified from the meeting!

I love yo guys with all my heart!! keep up the work of salvation!! i am

elder Wessel

Monday, September 7, 2015

Holy moly we don’t have guacamole!

Whats up family?

Things are super good! haha I’m super happy and we are busy! so things are super good! we had the opportunity to have a 70 of area come to our mission this week and it was super rad! So we had Elder Texeira come.. no dad its not Mr. Texeira from the yanks.. hah I was just as depressed as you are now! haha But he came and we learned a ton.  Usually in our mission the reason we are successful here is because we are teaching a whole lot.  He made that known to us and showed us how we could teach more and that it is more productive if we teach rather than just baptize.

We I’ve been doing I promise! we teach.. but I guess my teaching skills weren’t where they needed to be! So I was super happy to learn that! In the mission we were teaching like 5 to 7 lessons a week! after that we went and taught 10 lessons in 3 days, and set 6 baptism dates! really inspired me to become a whole lot better! Like Helaman says in chap 16 if it happened in a land far away, or in a time far away why cant it happen now? so what we did is worked hard! we are going to baptize thousands like Ammon did!! Im super excited! A little bit of what I learned is that I need to love a little bit more to the people! I need to show that really I am here to help them! SO that is my goal this week! Is learn how to love more because we need to become like christ if we want to do what he did! That is simple right?? haha

 We had some cool things happen to us! we actually were walking and my comp and I decided that we are going to talk to everyone in the street, so we did.  We saw a lady and her kid, outside of their house.  We cant enter house of women alone so we stayed outside her house.  We talked to her and she told us that she had been thinking about getting baptized that morning but has some problems to fix.  ONE of them is smoking.  So the first lesson we taught was the word of wisdom them we asked her if we could do a prayer, and we did a prayer, and then taught faith, repentance, baptism by water and by fire, yea, even the holy ghost! She accepted to be baptized and loved everything we told her! She is using the book of Mormon to stop the need of smoking! She is super prepared!! Imagine my week if that is one of the 6 people that we found! things are great!

love you guys!! keep it smooth back at home!!

love you elder Wessel

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Just another week

Baptism of Cirilo Pereyra
Hola family,

Whats happenin?  things are super radical here and I'm enjoying the heck out of the mission.

Seriously, im sorry I suck at using time on the computer now.  I never have time! haha  But I love you homies!
Just chillin in my area

This week was crazy.  The baptism of Cirilo is the first baptism in this ward since 1 year ago and a little more.  People were so happy. I didn’t take a picture but he whole ward showed up! they were hugging and crying and loving and everyone brought food and everything! it was incredible! i was so impressed. Huge change from villa la angostura! haha but seriously, I’ve never seen someone so happy in my entire life.  HE went and bought a suit and wore his suit to the baptism, then he got baptized.  He got redressed and then came back in to the sacrament room and just smiled. the smile never left his face! it was incredible how happy he was.  He said I know my wife is happy with the decision
I have made, my mom too.  Now I will be an example for my children and my grandchildren.  He is incredible family. Seriously to see his face made me feel a joy that I have never felt before! I'm so happy for this gospel.  SERIOUSLY!! GO PREACH TO EVERYONE!!!!

This is my work and my glory. To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man!! FAAA I love it! Im participating in that every day!!! hahah I just want to scream and shout that is how happy I am in the work!! I want to tell every one that!!!

We had to do a ton of exchanges this week with missionaries to help them so they could baptize this week! we found a ton of investigators.  But the fruits were only 2 baptism this week.  At least God blessed us to be the example so the zone gets pumped!! we have set some crazy goals! GO BIG OR GO HOME!! God blessed Ammon and Amuleck,and Alma and Aaron with thousands of people to baptize.  Why wouldn’t he do it now??? haha Heck ya its incredible this work of the Lord!" I hope you guys understand, that God loves his children!! I will boast of that to everyone! God exists and will bless his children according to their desires!!  We will see fruits!!

love you family!! Keep it real and help the Lord in his work!!
I mustache you a question

A seventy of South America is coming this week!! its going to be cool! he has asked to interview us(my companion and I)! we will see how that goes!!

Elder Wessel