Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HAY carramba...

THings are great... so when success comes, the trials come at you like the tsunami that his haiti.... this week was so hard... Seriously.  If you can imagine calling every investigator a night before to meet with you the next day, then have everything fall through in that day... that is what happened... EVERY DAY! haha it was great.

Seriously nothing huge happened.  I have two cool experiences tho... 

The first is that yesterday.. we had a ton of appointments after church and we have to go visit all the investigators after church to yell at them and ask why they didnt come..;) haha so things were looking super good right... wrong... visited every person and everything fell through. the tema of the week.  So during the whole week we passed this one street and i always wanted to contact it... but i never did.  We really ran out of things and people to visit. so we did! We contacted this street. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY WAVING FINGERS IN MY FACE IN MY WHOLE LIFE TIME:  that street was so long.  it took an hour to touch every door.  the last house we touched..... invited us to come back and excepted a book of mormon.  IT TOOK ONE HOUR TO GET TO HIS HOUSE:  i started to think about that experience a lot... and how god sends us through all these hard trials to test us.  I think he was testing the dilegence that we have a missionaries, to see if we are worthy to teach this child of his.  THis guys name was cristian.  SUper cool and very receptive. Hopefully something good comes out from it!... one hour... haha 

The other one was we had a terrible day earlier in the week, and it was a hour before time to go home... i told my comp... bueno, una casa mas... he agreed. The first house we went to, this chica came out and invited us in.  We then taught the restauration to them, and set baptisms dates for may second.  IT was great! but they already dropped us... haha but i learned that if we stay diligent though the day, god will give us a chance to testify of his gospel! is was great!! i love those experiences... even tho they are super hard!!!

other than that, the hermanas baptized one lady they found that week i was able to inspire them, and they asked me to baptize her!! it was great!! i will send photos!!

I modified my moms dicho... 
Trust in the lord,
Stand Strong

i learned a lot of the law of sacrofice this week.  I will sacrofice myself for his work!! i love you guys!

Keep it super cool!! love you guys more than a mama bear loves her young!!

Elder Wessel 

ps you remember beau mccarlie??? on of my bestfriends from provo... HES IN MY MISSION:  he lived right by days market!!

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