Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, December 29, 2014

Chapter 29: Happy New Year!!!

Over looking my area

Holy cow, time flies, I feel like I just saw you guys... OH wait.......... hahah funny.
So we had a couple of people in church this week. Lucia and Guadalupe.  Guadalupe had a baptism date for this week but she lacks one attendance to the church.  haha Lucia is her little sister who we had no idea about but has been coming to church.  So Lucia, she will get baptized in the next week.   But we also my hold off on it, and wait till her sister can do it with her.  They are 11 are 12 years old.  It’s super cool how god just helped us out in that way.  I know it comes from super obedience and comes from really having the desires to do God’s will.

Our Christmas Day hike
Well family, I feel like I already told you guys everything.  We hiked a mountain, 16 miles, and then just chilled and played a white elephant.  My gift kind of sucked.  A jump rope and some used deodorant.  haha mom, you always gave better gifts than that... cough cough, I mean Santa. 

Either way, I want you guys to know, I’m super happy, and I’m super embarrassed about crying about an investigator in front of you guys.  haha it really shows that I’m not a huge buff guy out on the mission.  I still am normal Clay.  ahah except I have a bigger testimony..
 (fromKacey...during the phone call his sister asked him his best moment and his worst moment.  Clay took a few minutes then responded with him baptizing a mother  and her commitment to the gospel.  Then he responded with the worst and he said that same mother had started to smoke again.  it was at that time clay broke down. he loves these people so much. For his Mom and Dad and family emotional as well  )
Christmas Skype
I’m super happy to hear the progressino of our family and the willingness of everyone going to the temple especially on this special week of Matt’s endowment.  I want you guys to seriously take this seriously.  Really think in why are you doing this? For what reasons.  We will always remember that it is because god has blessed us so much to give us such a merciful plan of salvation.  Thank you guys for being worthy to do this for your brother and son.

Overlooking my area

Next, Lucas, he is progressing.  We have the date for his marriage, and then right after he gets hitched, we are throwing him down under that water.  IM super excited and so is he.  He has a big testimony and realizes the importance of making this covenant with god.  He understands the importance.  For that, he has a little bit of fear and doesn’t want to fail.  Please pray for him to have the strength and faith to continue on.  He is super special person, and will be a great branch president some day. 

Thank you all for the support.  Dad, I’m sorry, my emails suck lately.  I’m really trying to be better.  But really this week, it was hard to have a lot of miracles.  Right now, we will focus more so that I can have better emails.  Haha I miss you guys and I’m super happy you are all doing so well.

Love Elder Wessel

This is the bosque Tallado.  We climbed the mountain to see it. This burnt down trees got turned into carvings by some cool guys.  We will check more out later.

Nos Vemos

Monday, December 22, 2014

Chapter 28 Christmas is here "Feliz Navidad"

My Christmas sweater

Hola family, 

So let’s start off with a sorry for not really writing last week.  We got too caught up in p day and played too much and we ended up not really writing.  But, things turned out alright.  NO one got hurt and I’m great!!

so this week was just a week of learning lessons for me.  Learning that life is not easy and especially when you are on the mission.  With all the things that happen in the mission then you throw some good ole personal stuff on that and you got for a good week.  "Sarcasms” I feel like me and my companion is getting a long pretty well and maybe too well.  So I feel like we just weren’t that focused this week.  Especially with this duty we have of passing out the cards that we are supposing to.  We were really lazy and underachievers this week.  I have spent a lot of time on my knees this week, and don’t really want to have this week again.   

I always remember a story that happened to me in the temple.  I remember when we were talkin to the president of the temple before the good stuff happened.  He asked a question that really stuck with me.  When satan starts throwing darts fast, hard and a lot of them, and your life starts to get really hard, what are you going to do in that moment.  Especially on your mission.    

i thought to myself for a couple seconds, and i replied, but not with an answer that a 18 year old kid would say.  Most definitely not the answer he was expecting.  I responded “Work Harder."  This saying has stayed in my head ever since April 3, 2014.  Sitting in that room with my dad and another kid that i had never met in my life.   

Family, i want you to know, that i am working my hardest.  I remember the words i said.  I feel like it was a little promise I made to myself.  I work harder every day.  I promise I am trying to be the best missionary i can be.  I love the work.  Sometimes it gets hard.  But, that’s when we need to work harder.

God helped us to get the son of Anahi to church.  But he did not like it.  so it was hard after.  Please pray for him so he will have the desires to go back to church.  His name is Alex.  he is 13 years old. 
Christmas packages came

I want to exhort you all to find something you can do for the savior this week.  Something you can do to make him smile.  Something to really show the Christmas spirit.  I love you guys. I love all your support and im super excited to see all of you guys this week for a good Christmas call on eskype.  Like they say in Argentina. 

I love you guys, love the mission more, and I love the lord even more.  Thanks for all the love you guys give me.  Please keep supporting me.  I need it!!!! 
Helping out at the BarBQ

Elder Wessel 

p.s. I will have better stuff on the work next week.  Not much happened.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chapter 26: Slipped and Tripped

Its spring and these are fresh, I'm eating good!

What’s up family??

    So, not much happened this week here in Lago Puelo just a lot of finding new people and helping them make commitments.  We found 4 new people this week and set 2 new dates for baptism.  They are really cool and super excited.  Please remember the investigators in your prayers.
 This week I want to talk about the thing we are concentrating on as missionaries.  It’s called he is the gift.  We are going around and using this card and video to help people listen to us as missionaries and start taking the lessons.  All the missionaries in the world are caring out this work for the lord during this month of Christmas.  I exhort you as my family and friends to find this video.  HE IS THE GIFT, and share with all your friend s in the social media and ask people you know if they would like to start to take lessons from the missionaries.  It’s remarkable with the miracles I have seen as we have used these cards.  I know the prophets are inspired with this. Please use it and help build up the kingdom of god with us the full time missionaries.
Missionary and his family going home

 Lucas, is not married, we had to push back his date of baptism so we could get him married first.  He is super excited though.  Please pray for him so he can get those desires to start getting married.   His prayers and super great and he is reading.  HE is AWESOME:
Love this guy

 My comp is from Evanston Wyoming.  He is a super great guy, and is super funny.  We honestly laugh to much.  We try and make ourselves talk in Spanish because we aren’t as funny in Spanish.  haha but somehow we always end up laughing.  He actually cracked his head open and had to get stitches.  We were playing soccer in Esquel with the zone and he fell back and hit his head!!! ahah but he is good and we are still working hard.  I will hit you guys up with some great miracles next week!!!
 I love you guys more that a fat kid loves cake.  OR more than my dad and mom love coke!!!
Love you Mom

 Elder Wessel

Monday, December 1, 2014

Chapter 25, wow Milagros again

Elder Ogden I'm going to miss him

Wow family, what a great week.  Kind of sad, but good. 

This week was transfers and my good homie (companion) Elder Ogden left good ole Lago Puelo.  He went up more north by Neuquen.  It was a good thing to have him and I’m super excited for his future.  I sure learned a lot from him.  I hope things are good where he is going.
Sooooo, Anahi and Aylin, made their promise with the Lord this week and got baptized.  IT was so special and I can’t believe I was able to help them.  I am so blessed from the Lord.  I learned so much and love them so much.  The baptism was a little crazy.  Aylin wanted to get baptized without anybody watching her.  She is super shy.  You can see in the photo that she has an angry face.  But, she was super happy.  We had to invite the people to leave the room and go back to the sacrament room and then we did the baptism.  Haha it was crazy but it worked out and the spirit was super strong.  I did the ordinance for Anahi.  I had a picture of us in the white clothes but somehow it got deleted... I don’t know how.  SUPER SORRY: 
Anahi and Aylyn

Lucas Bermudez and his family are now our main focus.  HE is super excited for his baptism date on the 20 of December.  He told elder Ogden before he left that he will continue to go to church and be firm. He just needs to start attending the reunions.  Please pray for him to get to the chapel and partake of the sacrament.

Zone Confrence
This week we had a zone capacitation for Christmas.  We are starting this new way of finding people and new investigators this month through a video the church made called “He is the gift.  On December 7 the church will take over YOUTUBE: We are super excited as a mission and as a world.  Each mission in the world had this zone conference and will start using this way of finding. TODAY:  We are suppose to hand out 10 of these hand out cards a day and record names and then send them into Salt Lake.  This is big.  They really have faith that this will bring so many more people unto Christ.  As of two days ago. I have witnessed that as to be true.  God works miracles if we listen to his inspired profetas.  The prophets are inspired and receive revelatino.  I know it’s true. 

Dayan and Elder Ogden
I’m so excited to tell you guys that my testimony is growing stronger each and every day.  I want you to know that I understand the power that I have.  I understand my duty as a missionary. I understand the people that I am suppose to help.  I do believe that nothing will change this site that I have.  Nothing will change my purpose as a missionary.  I am GODS servant in this time.  I will never be in this stage of my life again.  I am living it up and doing the best I possibly can. 

I know this church is true.  I love my savior and I know he knows my afflictions.  I know he is here to love me and guide me. 

Thank you for your support.  

Love you guys, 

Elder Wessel

Monday, November 24, 2014

Chapter 24: How God Answers‏

Elder Moya and  Hermana Phipps
 Hola Family, 

Well I got good news for any of you who were doubting.  God answers prayers.  Especially every single one of you guys who are praying for me and my investigators.  GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.

I want to talk about how much God loves us.  And what he has done to show his love.  During this week and the week past I have been pondering much on how much God loves me.  I was kind of doubting the love and power he has given me.  I haven’t seen too much success with investigators this mission.  But I have seen a whole lot of different people come to Christ or find their way back.  I have been praying hard for strength in my testimony.  So I can be the best missionary I can be.  I want to be able to speak and teach with the power and authority that is talked about in Doctrine and Covenants.  I have been praying hard, combined with the humble, loving prayers from the family and friends, and in Gods timing, he blessed me with one of the most incredible experiences I have ever been a part of in my entire life.  This experience means so much to me and I will hold it close to me for a very long time. 
We did a little hike today and went to the River Blanco. It was a legit.

I want to talk about Anahi and her daughter Aylin.  They are some of our more firm investigators that we have.  Anahi is the mom and she has had a problem smoking.  But, we made a plan that we would pass by for 5 minutes every day to share a scripture or even just have a little prayer so that the spirit could be felt that day.  We had a lesson this week with her.  She has had doubts that God doesn’t listen to her because she is a big sinner.  I made a promise to her earlier on when we met her that was stated if she prayed in the name of Jesus Christ her prayer would be answered.  She had been praying but not in the name of Jesus Christ.  So, during the lessons when she was explaining her doubts, I stopped her and asked if she would pray right there on the spot to receive her answer.  She accepted.  Simply asked if God listens to her.  We sat in silence for a long one minute after.  My companion then asked... [How do you feel]?  She then thought to herself and started to cry without words.  She lost every word she wanted to say.  She muttered out, I have never cried without a purpose in my life.  But right now, I cannot explain why I am crying.  Her phone then rang, we did not hear what was said on the other line, but we heard her say that no the religion is not like that.  Then, she sat herself down across from us.  Look at my companion right in the eyes, and said, "I am convinced. This is true." 

This was the most powerful lesson I have ever had.  I will never forget this experience.  It helped me realize the power and authority we have as missionaries and the mercy and tenderness of God to help his missionaries bring souls unto him.  God loves us.  He loves every one of us.  He is incredible and omnipotent.
 we had a zone capacitation in Esquel.  We had a party of 10 missionaries.
Then we were so blessed to have the permission to travel to Bariloche and participate in a devotional given by the Buenos Aires Temple president.  President Fernandez.  He was so inspired and very special.  Only people who were endowed were able to go.  He talked about the power the garments and being endowed gives us.  Only if we keep our covenants.  He talked about how important the temple is in our lives.  And being so far away from a temple how we can sanctify our own day and lives to live like we are in the temple.  Although we are not all the way there and cannot receive the blessings exactly as going to the temple, we are able to receive the testifying spirit of God as we think and ponder in those things.  It is one of the biggest and most special blessings our loving heavenly father has given us.   

He also talked about how we can understand the plan of salvation more each and every time we assist the temple.  He shared a story of when Elder Bednar came to the temple.  He said that he was with him in one of the rooms and Elder Bednar look at him and said, "President, do you completely understand the Plan of Salvation?"  Without waiting for an answer he calmly asked, "would you like to?" and then answered his own question and said, "Me too."  Then he explained to the President of the temple that going to the temple brings us closer to the teachings of God through his spirit.  He promised that as we attend the temple as constantly as we can the mysteries of that plan will be revealed to us.  Knowing that Elder Bednard doesn’t know everything... means we have some things to learn to.  I know I am far far far away from the temple but I encourage each and every one of you that read this, to go to the temple.  It is a very wonderful blessing that we should all take advantage of.

our hike today
 I am very blessed to have such great support from family and friends.  I love each and every one of you that are praying for me and my investigators.  Please continue to do so.  I am seeing miracles that are so wonderful.  I’m so grateful.   


Love yous!!!!

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chapter 23 A good Time

Me and ElderKauffman
Hola family! 

Just so you guys know.. I still love being a missionary and i love preaching the gospel!! this week I honestly don’t remember what happened because we are already on Tuesday because we had a zone conference with my mission president yesterday on p day.  So we have p day today. 

This week I know that we had great lessons with Anahi and her daughter Aylin.  They attended church and were really attentive.  And honestly God answered a prayer in this sacrament meeting. We have been visiting Anahi every day, praying and reading 4 verses with her to get her started on the Book of Mormon, and to get her distracted from the addiction she has.  But, then we teach her approximately 2 times a week.  This week, we finished all the first three missionary lessons and we began to talk about the commandments.  We talked about how we should follow the prophets, and about the priesthood authority.  That brought up doubts.  She began to question us, why can’t women have the priesthood.  Obviously, we tried our best to explain it. But she left with a doubt of that being kind of sexist.  She then promised us to still come to church. She arrived at church and sat with her daughter.  I also sat with them.  The President of the Elders quorum gave a talk on the importance of women in the church and why the men have priesthood and the women don’t.  It was a good experience for me because I really learned that missionaries are not perfect.  And that God really does answer prayers when you cry your heart out to help someone.  God loves us, and especially the ones that are finding this Gospel in their lives. 

Lucas also made it to church this week and was very attentive and had a lot of questions and really wanted to understand.  He asked the question of why do the people not talk during prayers. Because in the Evangelico church they talk and scream in their prayers. It’s quite funny.  But he enjoyed it and seems excited for the baptism date he has.  We taught him this week the plan of salvation, and he is really intrigued by the idea of having that eternal family! He is a wonderful father, provides for the family, Works service for a soccer club, he doesn’t make them pay.  He only does it so the kids stay off the streets and concentrate on the good things in their lives.  He will be a great leader in the church.  I’m super excited for him.  Please pray for them.  

We had a miracle this week.  We have been walking a lot and trying to find people to teach. We only have 5 member families in our area and they don’t really work with us, and they are some inactive members. And being so remote, we don’t have a lot of member help. But we are working with them. So we haven’t really had many success finding references from them.  That is why we are walking a lot.  So we have been praying to find new people.  One day, we left the pension early that morning with heads high hoping we would find someone.  God literally dropped a blessing in our lives.  We got a call from the missionaries on the other side of the mountain saying that they had someone that need service in Lago Puelo.  We went and dug the foundation for them for their house, and after, they asked us if we were going to share a message.  We didn’t even plan on it. We were just going to do service and leave to lunch.  But it turned out that they wanted to listen.  They didn’t accept a date to be baptized but they wanted to get to know the church before they commit to anything. What a blessing!! 

I want to make it known that I do receive those Dear Elders From stake President Quesenberry.  But, I don’t know his email address so I can’t tell him.  They are really inspiring and I hope he doesn’t stop.  Mom or dad please let him know I am thankful!!

Well I love you guys!! I hope you guys have a wonderful week!!

Love Elder Wessel 

Matt you are never far from my mind

Monday, November 10, 2014

Chapter 22, 6 Months out

6 Months out burn a tie

This week was a week to remember.  We did a lot of good stuff and helped some investigators and they are now progressing.   

Monday for p day we hiked up a cool mountain to find a waterfall then had some good lessons with a member and a menos activo.  Haha I think we found a match made in heaven. He likes her and she likes him. They didn’t say anything but man... they were flirting up a storm.  They also call missionaries hitch makers did you know that?'

We had to ride a bus 20 minutes then hike 1 hour to get to a remote area in our area to contact.
A picture of that area.  Called Cerro Radal.
     Later that week it started pouring again and we got even more soaked than last time.  It was no fun but it was really worth it. We can feel the blessing come from God when we work through the rainy days!! haha 

     Wednesday my comp stepped on a rusty nail and it took like half the day to get to do anything because we went to the doctor to get a tetanus shot and they didn’t have it so we had to travel to the next nearest hospital which is 1 hour away.  And they didn’t have it either.. So there went that day.  Then the next morning we went back and they had it!  We then taught our investigators!!

     Anahi, still has a problem with smoking... but is progressing and came to church! She gave us lunch this week and she made a weird form of meat loaf.  I haven’t seen that since my moms, and it defiantly wasn’t as good!! Promise mom!! ;) But her and her daughter attended the church this week and really liked it, and both are preparing to be baptized on the 29 of November!! Please pray from them!! Please pray that they can grow testimonies of God and of Joseph Smith! That is the most important thing for them right now. 

Rain, Rain, Rain
     Lucas, didn’t make it to church this week but we talked to him about the first part of faith and repentance and tonight we are going to talk to him about baptism! Please pray that he will accept the date to be baptized tonight!! We are really excited about him! He loves doing his commitments but doesn’t have a lot of faith in God!! Please pray that God can answer his prayers and give him the testimony he needs!! I’m super excited for him!! He has a killer family that is just really super prepared!!

     This week I completed 6 months in the mission haha. I followed a tradition and burnt a tie that was garbage! And now I’m 6 monther in the mission field and people finally have respect for me haha. I am learning the language really well and feel like I’m progressing as a missionary.  My testimony is growing very strong and right now in my life I can say that this is the church of Jesus Christ.  There is no doubt about it in my heart.  Joseph Smith restored this church for Him so we can have an Eternal life!! I love this Gospel.  I’m so thankful for all the support and prayers you guys have giving me! I pray for all of you each day hoping good things come your way!! I know God loves us. Each one of us. We all should remember that during the day!! 

I love you guys with all my heart..  

Elder Wessel 

Sorry the English sucks

Monday, November 3, 2014

Chapter 21 Seattle? Rain, Rain, Rain!

Lots of rain
 Lago Puelo everybody!! Ahhh man I love it here!! I would want to move here... if they lived like people from the United States... and had American food and did stuff like Americans.... haha but still it’s so awesome here!!!!  

This week felt like Seattle... I’ve never been to Seattle but I can imagine that if Seattle has a lot of rain it would be like this... haha ;)  We got soaked 3 days.  Completely drenched..  We could have same in our clothes.  Wow it was a lot.  I promise you all!!

On top of the mountain over the lake
Good things that happened this week were our investigators.  We have been following up with Anahi and lucas.  I don’t know what we have done but we are super blessed.  They are so willing to follow their commitments and are so willing to change their lives for God and this Gospel!  We started this week out with a lesson with Anahi and we talked her about the plan of salvation and man... we were not prepared on our part.. and it was a disaster.  haha but then we went back and helped her move the next day to a new house.  Then she was super thankful. Then we went back and taught her the next day and we followed up on the plan of salvation but the lesson got directed to the day of rest and to the word of wisdom.  She has a problem with going to church every Sunday and smoking and drinking.  But she wanted to drop smoking and drinking.  We talked to her about blessing and she said she was interested in one to help strengthen her through this difficult time of quitting.  I gave the blessing to her.  In Spanish... ahah but it was inspired by God and I was able to speak fluently with the words of God.  Please pray for her to be strengthened though this so she can quit and be baptized!!


Trees of shadows
Lucas, does not really believe in God that much, but wants that belief... so we decided to teach the restoration this week and it was one of the better lessons I’ve been in for the restoration! The spirit was testifying and he was participating so he could understand.  He is keeping his commitments except he just didn’t make it to church this week! But we are working with him! I love these investigators this transfer and am super excited!! 

I’m so glad to be serving the mission.  My companion is the best and is a very hard worker.  He may have lactose intolerance but he keeps it under control so we can work hard!! haha I love working for the Lord and love doing his work! I will keep doing it until I cannot possible do it anymore!! 

Halloween 2014
I love you guys with all my heart and especially the gospel in my life!!! 

LOve Elder Wessel

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What a Story……

In the late 70’s Tom was not a member of the church. He liked a girl who was.  Her name was Linda Orchard. Linda had sisters, man, did she have sisters. Four of them.  They were all beautiful and outgoing, quite a combination. All good members of the church. The girl’s dad was the Ward mission leader.  His name was Bob.  Bob did not have the opportunity to serve a mission, so he loved his calling, and served with enthusiasm.

Every now and again, one of the girls would bring around a young man who was not a member of the church.  Since they were beautiful, outgoing, and fun, they attracted a lot of attention from boys and girls.  Whenever these friends would come over to the Orchard home, they were always greeted warmly and as one of the family by Momma Orchard. (Beth) Bobs wife and mom to all these girls.

Well Tom came over and felt something that he had not felt before.  As he got to know the family, he soon learned that they were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).  Soon he wanted to learn more. Bob invited him to be taught about the church, in his home by the missionary’s.  Linda and Tom stopped dating, but Tom’s desire for the truth only grew.

With the help of the Orchard family, Bob, Beth, Karen, Suzanne, Linda, Lisa, David, Julie, and Robby, Tom Kauffman was baptized into the church. Now fast forward, 30 years or so. 

Suzanne (Orchard) Wessel has a son Clay who was called on a mission for the church to Neuquén, Argentina.  A very remote mission for the church. She was on the mission web site and noticed a post by a Father of a missionary who was just called to Neuquén, Argentina.  His name….. Tom Kauffman.  She wondered, could this be the same Tom Kauffman who was taught the gospel in my home?  She reached out, and it was. Tom expressed his great love for the Orchard family, and what they did for him. Here is a picture of the two missionary’s, they happened to meet up on a transfer. It is truly a small world that is full of tender mercies.
Elders Wessel and Kauffman

Monday, October 27, 2014

Chapter 20: LAS MONTAÑAS‏

This one is of me when we run in the morning..about a mile to the lake every morning
So Bienvenidos de la Ciudad de Lago Puelo, El Bolson.

So that you know, I am no longer in Argentina.  I am in a different province.  It is called Chubut.  CHEW BUT! pronounced chewboot. haha we make some really stupid jokes when we can walk around for a long time! haha

This is my Area
So the area is ginormous.  It is as big as Salem and Spanish fork combined.  So, we use the collectivo to get around town and our good ole classic feet! collectivo means bus here.  It has been hard and a lot of walking.  They did not have any investigators except for some people that they contacted in the street.  So finding people to teach has been hard.  We have done a lot of walking.  Some how i still have my shoes. We have actually had some good luck and found some really good new investigators. We have found 4 really good people that are receptive and want us to come back. We have only taught once to all these people so the next week should be very fun.

We set a fecha bautismal with this guy named Ambrocio and we taught the restoration with his mom and it was really spiritual and we taught two by two. Our first lesson together as a companionship and the spirit sure helped us and filled the room.  We spoke in very broken Spanish and the spirit testified! I’m super excited to help him more this week! He is a straight up Gaucho.  He still uses the yokes for the cows and he has the cows pull huge logs around the streets and they are huge!!! We are going to help him this week! I’m going to send some pretty gangsta pictures your way!! You pumped?

We also met this guy who is the president of the junior soccer club franchise. They are very poor club and this guy built them a dirt field to play on and he has helped them out so much. He is the perfect example of pure love of Christ for kids.  He just wants to help everyone he can.  We taught him the book of Mormon, and we have helped him clean up the field a little bit.  THROWING ROCKS OFF OF IT!!! haha it was fun! Now we have set up some good lessons with him next week and he is exciteto continue on studying with us!! :)  HIs name is Lucas Bermudas!!  HE is Awesome!! Please pray for him.

We also are teaching this mother and this daughter, Anahi and Ailin. And she is willing to listen and had a lot of questions about joseph Smith and so we answered here and now we have lessons set up with her this coming week as well!!  We are going to set baptisms date with them.  I have a feeling we will see some baptisms this transfer family!! Please pray for these people!

We had a lesson with Anahi this week and we had a member there at the lesson and we asked him how the gospel has blessed his life and he talked about when he was inactive and he didn’t pay his tithing and how we should pay our tithing always.  It was good but it was the first lesson with her so we had to change the subject really quick and give him something else to talk about!! hahah I love the members here.. Not very educated but very funny.

Also pray for gisela!  She is just a lesson we had and she accepted a book of Mormon and we are going back to teach her and help with some service! So pray that god will prepare her for us and we can teach with the spirit!!

 A little bit about the Beautiful area,

 There are no asphalt roads. They are all dirt roads and log cabin houses.  You just need to look it up on the internet. Google maps.  LAGO PUELO, CHUBUT, ARGENTINA.  Its gorgeous! We are going to go to some waterfalls today for the p day.  We are about 45 min separated from any other elders so we will be by ourselves and become best friends!!

Ill send more pictures this coming week! I’m just getting settled in, in my little log cabin house!! I LOVE IT HERE!!!!

Love you guys more than a fat kid loves cake!  Keep it frosty and icee!! I’m blazing!!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Friends along the way


I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday.  I was in the middle of transfers all day and traveled the whole day.  I made it to my area safely yesterday night at like 6 :30.  It was buenisimo!!!!  HAHA just kidding it was a long day of traveling!!!  I left Cultral co with my heart torn out of my chest at 5:50 in the morning.  I traveled to NQN by huge double decker bus with pretty much beds and arrived at 7:30 in the morning.   Then I left Neuquén and arrived in a famous city called Bariloche at 3:00 in the afternoon.  After that I got on another bus and traveled from 4:30 to 6:30 to El Bolson.  Then from El Bolson I traveled to my area which is very remote, and stuck way up in the mountains like Park City, with a lake and way more trees. 
Lago Puelo

 The Most beautiful place in the mission.  I am told.  My area is called Lago Puelo.  It means lake of the many waters.  Right now I’m so blessed to be in this beautiful area.  Reminds me so much of home!!! haha rivers lakes and huge pine trees and rains all the time!!! :)
The Zone in Cultre Co

This week was good, and we did some good things in the last week of Cultral co.  Mostly said by to investigators and families that we had met and wanted to say goodbye to.  I seriously am going to miss that area with all my heart. I saw some many changes for good, and for worse and really grew as a person there.  It was so nice and really beautiful to me... but REALLY UGLY TO A NORMAL HUMAN EYE! haha and on Sunday that passed was mother’s day in Argentina, so happy mother’s day mom, from Argentina!!

I want to talk about the things I have learned there.  I really feel like I grew as a person and really learned a lot about myself.  In speaking of that, I mean humility, patience, I hope that is how you spell it in English. But I learned how to love every person and really know how to look on others instead of look inside on myself and change what I do instead of what others do.  Cultral co really has a special place in my heart and really I don’t think i will ever see it again and it makes me sad to think that.

We ended up not having much success like I have said in the past but I am really looking forward to seeing big things happen with this companion and this area!!

My new companion is named Elder Ogden and he is from Idaho.  He is a really good worker and he got to the mission with my best friend Elder Hill.  He has 17 months and we are really getting along well.  We have been able to talk and work hard for this first day.  I’m super excited to tell you about the changes that are coming to Lago Puelo!!!
Mi Casa

I love the my mission and I know that the church is true.  I know God loves us and I will never forget!!
The view out my window

Love you guys!
I love my Mission

Elder Wessel..
We walk this way everyday