Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hola, Muy buenos dias!!

Faaaa this week.  Well I can honestly say that... wow, feels the same as the last week!! haha All the rumors are true! We had to stay in the pension for a long time!! A whole two day! Only a little bit of ceniza(ash) fell.  It was a lot! But it was enough that they wanted us to stay in!! But we still had the opportunity to work!!

While we were stuck inside, we played monopoly, truco (argentina card game), risk, uno!! And me and my comp became master chefs with cinnamon rolls and all different types of food!! haha do you know I don't have marshmallows or gram crackers?? I cant make smores!!

Honestly it's super hard to tell you guys this... but seriously we just aren't having success!! I don't know what it is...  this week I did a lot of reflecting as we walked the chilly streets..;) haha but seriously, God is so great! He produces miracles if we let him.  There is nothing in this world that he can't accomplish... HE CANT BRING POEPLE BACK TO LIFE:  I mean why couldn't he help us with investigators.  Then I realized the only thing holding him back.. The missionary  I am.  I promise I am obedient but I realized there is a lot more that I could be doing.  I could stop doing the minimum and work on the small things are do the maximum that i can do! I have strengthened my faith. I study my heart out to learn the lessons! i know as i grow and bring my self to become worthy enough to teach his children, he will bless me with investigators!!

It is super humbling to be on the mission and learn the lessons I have learned! I am so happy with the decision to serve!! I do love you guys with all my heart! i am working my butt off!!

Just remember humble yourself, love god more than anything else, and things will be worth it in the end!!

Love you guys! The camera thing isn't working! I will try and send pictures next week!!



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