Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, August 4, 2014

Chapter 7: Roughing it out.‏ August,4,2014

Viva Argentina
This week started off the new transfer and my second one in the mission. My companion and I decided we would fast for some success this transfer. We fasted for our ward mission leader because he became inactive. We also went to God with a goal to have two baptisms this week. So please pray for those things in your prayers for the next week. Have faith that my companion and I can find these people that need this Gospel.
     We had District meeting like every week. This week wasn’t anything special but I decided that since you guys are faithful and write me ill just give you a low down on everything and not leave anything out!! We talked about obedience and how to follow the spirit. Our mission president set a date for the 30 of agosto and everyone with have a baptism that date. It is called the white out day. So pray we can find the people that need that day to be baptized!

Me with youth men of the ward. Eric, Johnny, kikai, Alejandro, Mateo, Facundo
 We started off with leaving our apartment and hearing the neighbors arguing. This story isn’t going anywhere so don’t get your hopes up. We just don’t understand when people yell and fight so we made up words. It smelt really good and they were making food. So, we just changed the words to good gospel words... So really they were yelling good gospel phrases at each other. Haha Also, the missionary work was hard; we haven’t had a set appointment this whole week except Saturday. But we talked to Gilberto... And he was not doing well at all. I still pray for him. Later that week his house was locked up and cleaned up a little. We have come to the conclusion that he had passed away. We feel super bad because he was progressing and accepting, just way too sad. I bet he is happy now. This day also marked the first day of what me and elder hill call Farming week. This is where we start contacting out of our minds to find new people to teach. It’s actually really fun. So all day we walked and walked and walked.

     We found 3 women named Yolanda, Gabriella, and Sullai. They are all really sweet ladies. Yolanda set up a new cita with us this week. So we have yet to see her. It is tonight. So pray for her. Gabriella, we gave her a book of Mormon. We have a meeting with her tomorrow at 5. Sullai is a bit duro. We set up return appointment but she didn’t answer. We aren’t giving up on her yet though. We just walked and walked

     I have a small story; we were contacting waiting for lunch. This family always gives us a pizza sized hamburger, and we just grab and go and don’t really talk to them and share a scripture with them. This time, with our little success this week, i asked Elder hill if we could go in and share our gratitude and a little scripture. We shared Mosiah 2:17. And then after we gave a prayer, they asked if we could come back next Friday because they have someone that wants to listen to the missionaries. We got blessed with that by just entering and sharing a scripture. How neat eh?? and then we walked more and more.

     We set a baptism date with a new investigator named pocha. She is pretty old. but is in really good shape. And she is really open to listening. So pray for her that the spirit will be with her. And then we walked more.

     We had fast and testimony meeting. Our mission president asked us to fast for the family members of the missionaries in this mission. I had a special pray for my family and Ben. I hope things are all well. I bore my testimony, and the spirit was so strong in that meeting. It’s so cool to see how humble these people are when they have such horrible things to be upset about. The spirit here is marvelous!! And then we had a priesthood meeting with our bishop and the head priesthood leaders.

Elderes y Hermanas que se fueron
     My companion and I were made the ward mission leaders. Haha I guess if we don’t have one from our ward they make the missionaries do it. Well family, that is all from me. I have a rough week but i look forward to the future with faith and hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
God loves everyone of you guys.  AND  Soooo  do  I!!!

Love ya Elder Wessel