Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, September 28, 2015

Whatss up family??

So this week was a blur... We had 3 white washes in our zone.... That is when they take out both missionaries from their area and put in two new ones.. and they don’t know anything about the area... so we had a whole lot of time out side of our area getting to know a ton of stuff!! haha but... we didn’t even work in our area... only Wednesday, and Saturday and Sunday! it was kind of crappy! but we are helping the zone.. and God blessed us, he prepared the ward and blessed us with walter.. even tho we prepared him last week, we were only able to visit him two times this week and it was super scary.. but things went well and he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost!! so that was awesome! Seriously God is blessing us.. last week we had 8 people in church, this week again, we had 8 people in church!! investigators are flocking to the fonts! God is showing his hand and manifesting himself to all!! :) its awesome!

I really don’t have many words to say.. we didn’t really get to see that much stuff, we also had to travel to neuquen for leaders council . that was pretty cool! we got some new rules... we are going to have another zone training tonight again.. haha but we are super pumped! now, really im just super grateful and nothing else man! i know god lives.  He is blessing us.  But the greatest thing about it all is that the investigators and staying active and they have a ton of friends in the church!! i love it!!

I want to remind you guys about patience.  God loves us. We need to wait on him.  Give him time to bless us.  We work hard in patience, wait patiently on him. Pray as if all depended on him and this will work out. Even if the blessing comes immediately, tomorrow, next week, next year or after we die, we will get the blessings... its a promise!! patience real is a virtue! haha i love you guys! i love god. i love the mission work!

love Elder Wessel