Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Holy moly, can you guys believe that it is 2016 already?? That is super nuts. 

So this week was just a bunch of preparation for the whole new model area thing that Elder Oaks talked about.  I’m super pumped about it and I’m super happy! I’m excited to get back in the field and have the zone leaders come to my area to see how to work. I am praying that God prepares the people here so things will work.  Now, Things haven’t really kicked off yet. 

We had a consejo and I doubt we will see many results for a while.  We will be expecting some good things!! 

Only one experience this week that I want to share. 

One of the zone leaders of the new zone that was created, called me the other night.  He said,  ¨Elder Wessel there is a problem.  We have the district in catriel and things are rough.¨ The zone is a zone of all branches in the mission that we want to get them together and have a good enough attendance so that they can become a district.  He explained that there is no priesthood.  There is no one out there that helps the missionaries and they contact all day and nobody accepts them.. They contacted 200 people and not one received them.  So it was sad.  He said Elder, I think you guys should close this branch.  When I heard that.. My doubts came and I almost agreed with him.  I have heard many bad things about this city from other missionaries and really they have only baptized 1 person in almost 2 years.. it’s ridiculous.  But the thought came to my head, They need to be like Alma and Amulek.  How Alma was thrown out of the city. They were rejected and nobody wanted them to be there.  But he went and received revelation and went back and taught them to repent and be baptized. That was on Friday night.  On Saturday morning, after sharing the thoughts Friday, I received a call again.  He said, we shared that story with the elders.  They are going to go and teach repentance. They are going to go among the people and show them that they are sinners and God will condemn them unless they repent.  They called, with an excitement for the work with only words of gratitude.  (Elder Wessel thank you for not doubting, thank you for calling us to repentance.) I have never felt so good in the spirit for a long time.  I love the way God works through me! He gave me revelation in the moment and I love it. 

I love the mission.  I love God and I know he lives!! 

Elder Wessel

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