Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, January 12, 2015

 A members old police uniform

   The work is hasting of God and His kingdom.  We have very little time left. Maybe 100 more years, who knows? But we can see that Jesus Christ and God are preparing the world for the second coming.
    As a missionary it is actually very cool to see.  I am super excited to be apart of Gods work in these times.  I feel like such an important person and tool in Gods hands.  With this hastening, I have started to take my mission more seriously.  I have found out that people really need me.  This isn’t a time to enjoy the fresh Argentina air, its time to hasten gods work and help prepare people to meet Our Father. 
    The church has come out with some other new pass a long cards for missionaries to help them find new people.  They are called Inspired Questions.  I am actually super excited about them and have already seen miracles.  We have actually seen some pretty immense changes in the missions across the world.  As of right now, there is more of a focus on just baptisms.  We can see that things are getting pretty deep.  I can’t really explain to much because it wont really make sense to you guys. Because it has to do with how we do work. But things have changed so much and really its super cool to be apart of.
     We have been contacting a lot this week, and finding new people.   We are still working on Lucas; he Came to church again with his family.  Things are super good with him.  Just waiting on all the legal things of the marriage.  But he is working hard.  Please continue to pray that he will hurry his papers.  I would love to see him enter the water before I leave Lago Puelo.  I only have a month left.  With the cards that they gave us, we have been making up new ideas of contacting.  Instead of just the same old boring stuff, we have been using these questions to catch the attention of the people.  100 percent of the people that have walked outside of their house and talked to us has accepted this card and continued to think about this question.  Not 100 percent has continues to accept us in their houses.  We have met 3 really cool people that are super ready.  
One lady named Maria, we contacted but she was super occupied so we didn’t get to talk to her much, but we are going back to her house to paint and do a little service!! 

Next a guy named Leo, but he lives in Buenos Aires so we don’t get to teach him but we gave him a restoration pamphlet and he pretty much told us he wants to get baptized. HE live 5 minutes away form the temple in Argentina!! SOO cool. 

Next, is a guy named Ariel.  He is super cool, and he let us in his house when we asked him the question.  HE gave us like this banana flavored milk and was super good. The best ever.  But, we entered and it was kind of too friendly, and we talked too much like homies, but then we buckled our shoes and got to work.  We started talking about the church.  We then taught the restauration.  He accepted that good and we now have a date to come back and teach him again.  Please pray for him. 

We have been working on a mission to consecrate ourselves.  I hope that word makes sense in English.  I don’t recognize it.  But, we are supposed to sanctify ourselves.  We had this talk by Bishop Gerald Causse.  He gave a talk to the mission presidents in 2014.  How the missionaries should be consecrated.  So now, what it takes, is absolutely become unselfish, and forgetting about myself.  Submitting myself to god so I can receive his power, and hasten HIS work.  I have been trying my best this week and I have seen changes already.  I ask you guys to please pray for me and I am going through this.  I really do want to change so I can call the power down from the heavens when I need them. 

We are also trying to read the Book of Mormon by the next general conference.  Our mission is doing this. I want to extend that invitation to you guys.  You need read 6.5 pages a day before conference to finish it.  I exhort you all to try it.  You will be blessed. 

Thank you all for your support.  I do love the mission. I Love feeling like I am helping God do his work.  Please help the missionaries in our stake.  They need it!! PLLEASE HELP THEM! 

Love you guys""

Elder Wessel