Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Members made ne a birthday cake

So the new comp got in, we got the package and now I have mustaches and baseballs!!!  What a great surprise!! 

The comp is great!! I seriously have been blessed by God with such dedicated children of his to work with. I love him already... He reminds me of Cousin Chris!! So it's cool baby!!! 

So this week, let me tell you about our investigators... 

Hector Gonzalez,

  He is a young hoodrat from the Neuquén city and he was curious one day so he searched the Mormon.org website and put himself to chat with other people on the website.. He then asked that person to send over the missionaries to talk to him more!!  So we passed by his and house and he accepted us.. We then went by two days after the restoration and then he accepted a fecha baptism, for the 13 of June. HE then accompanied us to a baptism and then came to church as well the next day!   After church he asked to change is baptism date... to the sixth of June!! He said he didn't want to live with his sins that much longer!! Seriously a blessing from god! Thank goodness!!! 

Fernando Contreras,

He has been assisting for many years to the church, now he has finally listened to the advice from the Lord and decided to get married!! He put his own fecha for the 6 of June!! So we will see miracles for that!! I AM LUCKY that God is blessing me with the power to speak to peoples hearts and change minds!!

Luis Campos,

He finally stopped smoking.. We are trying to help him to accept a fecha baptismal but he just wont.. He has had so many signs from God but just wont admit any of them.. It is seriously super depressing.. Even harder than when anahi started smoking again... I have spent a lot of time with him and he just isn't changing his mind... I guess it will take a little more confidence in the Lord!!

So that is my message this week! I did get my package and Elder Elwood is great! We are working harder than ever! I testify of the love of the Lord! I know he is looking out for me! I know he protects me from the evil there is here. I know he will work miracles if we let him and give him the opportunity to work them!!   Please let him do some miracles homies!!!

Love you guys!!

Elder Wessel

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