Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chapter 26: Slipped and Tripped

Its spring and these are fresh, I'm eating good!

What’s up family??

    So, not much happened this week here in Lago Puelo just a lot of finding new people and helping them make commitments.  We found 4 new people this week and set 2 new dates for baptism.  They are really cool and super excited.  Please remember the investigators in your prayers.
 This week I want to talk about the thing we are concentrating on as missionaries.  It’s called he is the gift.  We are going around and using this card and video to help people listen to us as missionaries and start taking the lessons.  All the missionaries in the world are caring out this work for the lord during this month of Christmas.  I exhort you as my family and friends to find this video.  HE IS THE GIFT, and share with all your friend s in the social media and ask people you know if they would like to start to take lessons from the missionaries.  It’s remarkable with the miracles I have seen as we have used these cards.  I know the prophets are inspired with this. Please use it and help build up the kingdom of god with us the full time missionaries.
Missionary and his family going home

 Lucas, is not married, we had to push back his date of baptism so we could get him married first.  He is super excited though.  Please pray for him so he can get those desires to start getting married.   His prayers and super great and he is reading.  HE is AWESOME:
Love this guy

 My comp is from Evanston Wyoming.  He is a super great guy, and is super funny.  We honestly laugh to much.  We try and make ourselves talk in Spanish because we aren’t as funny in Spanish.  haha but somehow we always end up laughing.  He actually cracked his head open and had to get stitches.  We were playing soccer in Esquel with the zone and he fell back and hit his head!!! ahah but he is good and we are still working hard.  I will hit you guys up with some great miracles next week!!!
 I love you guys more that a fat kid loves cake.  OR more than my dad and mom love coke!!!
Love you Mom

 Elder Wessel