Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chapter 15: Bilingual Red head‏

We got a little messy doing some service.  We sanded some plaster in one of our investigators houses after a lesson. 

Hola Family,
I’m glad to be emailing you today... in English.... haha I have missed my native language of English and don’t see it coming anytime to soon.

This week I took a big step and put some pictures that I had out of the family, some amigas... and friends! I felt like I was distracted a little.. Especially from hearing my mom’s letter every week with encouraging words that make me feel bad. Haha but I really turned myself to the Lord and this week.. The blessings came and the Lord let his love show.

Monday, after p day all our appointments fell through and we just got some stuff done with some contacting!! It went well.
Tuesday, we worked hard and had some appointments set up.  We have a rule in the mission that we can’t arrive to lessons in cars with only a women.  So we walked in front of this car and my comp got mad because he thinks we were close enough to the cita to ride in the car... So... I got in my first Latin language fight.  It wasn’t too bad, we figured things out, and things are good now.  We actually started to get a long this week really well. 
We have been searching for this investigator, His name Juan Ross.  We never were able to find him with Elder Hill.  But we went to him and tried to find him.. He is of gold.  He asked if we wanted to come to his house every week for lunch.  We accepted nicely with smiles, and then set a baptism date for Nov. 15.  He needs to get married that is why we set it for so far away.  He is so awesome.  He loved my accent and rubbed my head like Dad does when he is proud.  I felt really good!!

The rest of the week is really a blur. 
 So here is a summary.

This week we taught Carlos again, and he is so prepared.  He is keeping the commitments and is doing everything we ask.  He is happy to do it.  The only thing he lacks is going to church and dropping working on Sunday and getting married.  So we changed his date to Nov. 15 as well.  He and his wife are awesome and very prepared for this gospel.  The picture of us with paint everywhere is at his house!!

Then we have the family of three ladies and a dad.  Cynthia (24) Brisa (13) and the mom Alysia, and the Pops.  I forgot his name.  But, they accepted baptisms dates this week.  For 18 de octubre.  I wasn’t present in the lesson this week so I wasn’t able see the faces when they accepted.  But, things are really good with them.. They had prior engagements so they were not able to come to church but they promised to come to the next reunion!!! I’m so excited to help them come unto Christ!!!

The last miracle for the week is that we have been working with some menos activos and they have been hard,  They haven’t attended church in a long time.  So we worked hard.  One is an old lady.. Abuelita Blanca.  She is OOOLLLDDDD, man.  She finally came and had a smile on her wrinkly face from ear to ear!  Also another family of 4.  The mom is a less active and her daughter that IS 12 years old.  She has a son Tobias that is 6 years old.  And then her husband is the Brother to the stake pres. and is not a member.  We worked hard with them this week and now, they finally came this week!! except The husband... hahah but, That was a miracle of Menos Activos.  I’m so pumped to help them!!!

Well I got to go get some ice cream!!! :) Haha

Love you guys so much!! Keep working hard!!!  Remember, ¨_ He who loses his life for me, shall find it_

Jesus Christ lives.  He is our Savior.  God answers prayers. I have seen it.  I know this church is true.  

I love you guys and all but I don’t want to come home anytime soon.. I just want to serve these people.  The people are so nice and loving.  I love learning about the gospel and seeing people prepared to hear this gospel.  It’s so amazing!!

Elder Wessel

We mashed a car and we got a license plate.  This is my comp.  He is from Peru!!! Elder De La Serna.