Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Soooo whats up family! ;)

Sadly, i have been transfered from Progreso Neuquen... and i have been moved down south to The most beautiful place in the mission! even more than lago puelo! its call Villa La Angostura.  My new companion is from Cordoba the provincia that just dedicated the temple!! he is new and only has 4 months on the mission! we are already getting along super great and i seriously was scared... because i didnt want to leave neuquen.  But i have two super great hermanas in my district.  one i went to school with.  Hermana Epply and also an hermana from Uruguay! its pretty cool! the Hermana from Uruguay is super great and is bran new and is so excited for the work!! this area in villa is completly touristic and hasnt seen baptisms in a while! but i promise you... that is why the lord sent me here!! I am going to change things here with my capo (stud) companion! he is super pumped to work and doesnt doubt anything!! Faaa im so excited!!!!
Good old shoes one year old shined and ready to go to work
But this week was great.  So on the lunes we had a great p day and we just had fun and passed time together as missionaries! then we had a great tuesday where we were just teaching a full! and Hector already is inviting his friends to listen to the missionaries.  we talked to one of his friends in his house and the we put a baptismal date as well for the fourth of july! i hope to see some good news from elder elwood! then, wednesday we were jsut focusing on finding new investigators because i kind of new i would be leaving so i tried to get it as prepared as we could so elder elwood could have some good stuff to show to his new comp.  then surprisingly we got a reference from a guy we stopped in the street and he told us to visit his brother. we went to vist his brother and he was stoked to listen to us! we taught the first vision and he loved it and the spirit was super strong and testified very strongly and he accepted a date to baptized as well! it was great experience! Then the other days were just normal working days just trying to endure to the end!! it was a great week filled with will some great stories!  also we talked to that one maria lady the one i gave a book of mormon to.  She accepted us in here house and we chatted with her.  She is going through a hard time and we just prayed with her, and she was calmed i moved away before i could see other results but i home things go well!
we dont always wear our mustaches, but when we do........we wear them well
On sunday was a day of happiness.... I got to see Hector and Fernando recieve the priesthood aaronic! it was great i got to stand in the circle and participate!! it was a great experience and a very humbling one as well. I know that God blesses his servants when they put there heart to him! i know he loves every one of us! i know that if i work hard i will be blessed!! i love this work and i am still excited to be doing! i dont know how i have kept the excitment to this day but i am still trying to get work done!!

Love you guys with all my heart!! keep things rockin!! Greatings to johnny for his new baby and being a great dad!! i hope things are well!!

Love you guys,

Elder Wessel

i dont know the order.. 

Bishop of Neuquen.  I worked with him a lot and we were great friends!

Flia Carrasco.  The best family that took take great care of me siempre

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