Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, December 14, 2015

Whats up Fam?? how ya´ll doin?   

Sooo this week was interesting.  We have had a good week and we are baptizing more and more each week and I’m so excited that I start dancing like a crazy man around the house!  But seriously, I don’t have very much to write about so ill just let you know how much I enjoy the mission.  I have never been so happy in my life.  I really feel like I’m smiling, being excited all day, laughing, serving and there is nothing in this world that has brought me so much happiness in this life.  That is to say if we didn’t count Christmas music.. ;) I love Christmas music! haha  
Thanksgiving dinner Argentina style

This week we did transfers! We did the whole reunion and everything.  It was one of the coolest things ever.  Kind of scary as well when I am the one moving the missionaries around and their whole life is depending on where we put them on this board.  SOOO we prayed hard and seeked very carefully for the guidance of the spirit.  I had a cool learning experience while we were doing this... At the start of the meeting, we knelt in prayer for guidance.  As my President embarked in the prayer, I fell to temptation, and opened my curious eyes.  I didn’t see any angels or anything weird.  What I saw was my President hunched over on his knees, head bowed to chin to chest, eyes humble closed and his countenance what beaming humility and submission to the Lord.  As I heard the pure words ask for guidance the room filled completely with the spirit, I didn’t see anything but I felt and could sense the angels guiding the thoughts and the actions.  The coolest thing about it is we were laughing and happy during the whole thing.  We were serious being robots with the spirit.  We enjoyed the things that God had blessed us with.  I loved that experience and I thought I would share that.

 Transfers went from 10 am -1 pm on Tuesday morning and it was awesome.  But it’s cool, the week went on and we realized that we ignored the spirit on something’s, or the spirit would guide us to other changes that we needed to make.  And it was an experience that I’ll never forget.  Even now, I’m still receiving things and promptings for the mission.  IT’S INCREDIBLE that God trusts me enough to be here.  I feel great. I hope I’m fulfilling my purpose.  

Other than that, I’m writing today because next week will be all the transfers and we won’t have time.  All the old missionaries are going home, and the new ones get here.  Soooo, yeah.. I’m writing today! I will probably read everything on Monday!! 

Side note, yesterday on Friday, we talked on the radio with a member.  We went to the radio and testified of the book of Mormon and it was cool!! It was a new way of testifying what I know to be true!

 Family, I love you guys!!  DONT FORGET;  

 The mission is incredible.  I love everything about it.  I love learning.  I love coming closer to God. I love being used by him!!  Let’s all glorify God in our daily acts and bring people unto him.  

 Like the story of Alma the younger when the angel came to him.  He said I come to fulfill the promises of God.  HE has heard the prayers of this people and of his servant who is Alma, your father.  Alma the younger changed because of the faith and prayers of other people!! let’s change people’s lives.  Let’s pray for other peoples.  Let’s leave our comfort zone and do things we wouldn’t ever do, to bless other people!! 

 Love you guys!!!

 Elder Wessel