Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


A lot of work, and not too many fruits.  But things were great! We were able to find two new investigators and start the process for them on his road to baptism!! So we are excited for them.

Hector, is awesome.  This week we talked about how he is getting to prepared to get baptized... but not only that... he already thinking about the mission! So we are super pumped for him.

Fernando as well is right there.  His story is a little more humbling to me, because I feel like it was a baptism and nothing more... but i prayed and asked to feel the love for him, and as i read during church yesterday, the lord blessed me with that love for him.  I worried for him, i worried for what he needed and how he could become better, I worried how I can teach better to fit his needs and a result of that i felt the love of the lord for fernando!! It was a blessing.

Well I had an experience with my testimony of the book of Mormon this week.  This lady we talked to on the street was not really receptive and had had some good experiences with the church but didn't want to admit it.  So we begged her to read it.. She wouldn't.. I did a little prayer in my heart to bless me with a stronger testimony, and this sincerity of that she needs the book to become better and have a happy family and her salvation crept out of my mouth as I said..¨hermana, you need this book. I know its true and it will change your life.¨   she humbled herself and accepted the book! it was fantastic!!
Baseball you sent and a jersey I bought for my birthday


Elder Wessel :)

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