Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chapter 23 A good Time

Me and ElderKauffman
Hola family! 

Just so you guys know.. I still love being a missionary and i love preaching the gospel!! this week I honestly don’t remember what happened because we are already on Tuesday because we had a zone conference with my mission president yesterday on p day.  So we have p day today. 

This week I know that we had great lessons with Anahi and her daughter Aylin.  They attended church and were really attentive.  And honestly God answered a prayer in this sacrament meeting. We have been visiting Anahi every day, praying and reading 4 verses with her to get her started on the Book of Mormon, and to get her distracted from the addiction she has.  But, then we teach her approximately 2 times a week.  This week, we finished all the first three missionary lessons and we began to talk about the commandments.  We talked about how we should follow the prophets, and about the priesthood authority.  That brought up doubts.  She began to question us, why can’t women have the priesthood.  Obviously, we tried our best to explain it. But she left with a doubt of that being kind of sexist.  She then promised us to still come to church. She arrived at church and sat with her daughter.  I also sat with them.  The President of the Elders quorum gave a talk on the importance of women in the church and why the men have priesthood and the women don’t.  It was a good experience for me because I really learned that missionaries are not perfect.  And that God really does answer prayers when you cry your heart out to help someone.  God loves us, and especially the ones that are finding this Gospel in their lives. 

Lucas also made it to church this week and was very attentive and had a lot of questions and really wanted to understand.  He asked the question of why do the people not talk during prayers. Because in the Evangelico church they talk and scream in their prayers. It’s quite funny.  But he enjoyed it and seems excited for the baptism date he has.  We taught him this week the plan of salvation, and he is really intrigued by the idea of having that eternal family! He is a wonderful father, provides for the family, Works service for a soccer club, he doesn’t make them pay.  He only does it so the kids stay off the streets and concentrate on the good things in their lives.  He will be a great leader in the church.  I’m super excited for him.  Please pray for them.  

We had a miracle this week.  We have been walking a lot and trying to find people to teach. We only have 5 member families in our area and they don’t really work with us, and they are some inactive members. And being so remote, we don’t have a lot of member help. But we are working with them. So we haven’t really had many success finding references from them.  That is why we are walking a lot.  So we have been praying to find new people.  One day, we left the pension early that morning with heads high hoping we would find someone.  God literally dropped a blessing in our lives.  We got a call from the missionaries on the other side of the mountain saying that they had someone that need service in Lago Puelo.  We went and dug the foundation for them for their house, and after, they asked us if we were going to share a message.  We didn’t even plan on it. We were just going to do service and leave to lunch.  But it turned out that they wanted to listen.  They didn’t accept a date to be baptized but they wanted to get to know the church before they commit to anything. What a blessing!! 

I want to make it known that I do receive those Dear Elders From stake President Quesenberry.  But, I don’t know his email address so I can’t tell him.  They are really inspiring and I hope he doesn’t stop.  Mom or dad please let him know I am thankful!!

Well I love you guys!! I hope you guys have a wonderful week!!

Love Elder Wessel 

Matt you are never far from my mind