Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, June 30, 2014


My Apartment

Sunset from my apartment door
Hola familia y Amigos!!!

THis week was nuts!!! i got attacked by a dog!! hahhaha you cant walk 3 steps withiout seeing another different dog!!!

But a story that i have that was a miracle was when i was on exchanges with another misionero.  His name is Elder Wall.  

We were out just going to citas, when we went to this one old guy that is straight nutso!! but he was no esta.  His really old sister was tho.  They are like 60 years old and still live together.  Sorry family, i wont live with you that long!!!  But we taught her the first principals of the first lesson.  But she kind of brushed it off.  SAhe gave us a reference to the house next door.  The house was a back up  plan for way later in the day.  but we followed the spirit and  decideded to visit it early.. We Clapped the doors [yes we clap doors here] haha and they answered.  Luiz answered the door, but we were therefor his mom Claudia.  She was hiding behind the door.  We could even see her.  She was funny.    We chatted outside the door for a couple of minutes with claudia and then luiz invited us in.  we entered and taught the restoration to both of them.  First milagro, They understood the apostacy.  2nd milagro, They understood how joseph was seeking for the truth even tho he was 14.  3rd milagro they had input for everything that was being taught.  4th milagro, They WANTED to read the book of mormon and pray about it.  5th they excepted a to be baptized and we set a date for the 26 of julio!!!! holy smokes it was so insane.  We walked to blocks after and just prayed to god for thanks!!!! 

God is real.  people are prepared. we just need to do our part to do his work.  He will do the rest.  

This week i have been studying our ancestry in Jacob 5 and it is so insane.. It takes me 1 hour to jsut read 15 versus in that chapter because i am disecting it.  I love it.  

There is this thing called the siesta where every one in the country closes all the stores, from 1 oclock to about 5. and they just sleep and relax.  That is the hardest time to Prosolite.  My house is sweet.  we have such a legit view of the wonderful sunrises EVERY MORNING!! i got blessed this first transfer.  My companion is from Kaysville and has a family of 10 kids.  He prolly has one of the poligamest vans!! haha or how ever you spell that polig word.  I gave my first annointing this week for a women in her hospital bed.  We had to walk eight miles to give it to her.  God needs us even tho its hard some times.  Walking eight miles sucked until i saw her face when we walked in.  later that week i had to do the second part of that blessing to an hermana that gave us lunch.  She was sick.  So she asked me to give it.  I thought it was great even tho i could not speak spanish.  After i got done saying that blessing, she got up bawling... She said that i only revealed one thing to help.  I was suppose to reveal three.. She said i knew the other ttwo... I dont remember knowing them.... haha she was kinda mad, but thankful.  I felt really bad, but i was happy becuase i couldnt even speak spanish and i gave a blessing.  I dont even remember what i said.

Circus in Sacroment

Well circus in sacroment is crazy.  I am counting my blessing that no ivestigators came this week.  The kids were throwing paper airplanes and laying on blankets in the isles, and just loud as can be.  It was hard to have the spirit there.  Haha its so funny to see.  Its like we are sitting in a def person sacroment with no microphone at the pulpet either.  Hahaha its so great.  We have a great youth that loves to help.  

They dont believe in carpet here.  Just dusty tile floars.  How do you spell floars?? flores? i am loosing english.  ahah but i love this place.  

I get a sunrise every morning i love it.  Sorry my last email sucked.... haha i have no time to read emails... i have to take pictures so i have no idea what you say.  so your questions will take about a week to be responded to!

I love all you!! especially you mom... Stop crying!! i am lovbing it.  God blesses me everyday!!!!

Love Elder Wessel