Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, July 13, 2015

Good morning Family, 

Well this week was a blast and a bunch of work!!
I really don't know how to start out this week...
We just started out with a normal p day! We didn't really do much because it was pouring rain!! So we just played ping pong in the chapel and just chilled, literally. We ate ice cream!! haha its the best ice cream in the world!! You gotta trust me!! But then we had a good Tuesday.  We didn't have a district meeting because we would be leaving to Bariloche for the weekend to meet the president. So we just worked and we did some service for some menos actives in the branch.  They didn't have lights, so my small knowledge and my comp being an electisista we work on the lights and put lights and plugs all over the house!! Tell Robert Lord this... he will be proud he taught me a little bit.  He may not think I listened when he talked but I did. ;)
Wednesday we finished the lights and talked with Julian and then also with his sister Lorena!! We talked the importance of recognizing the trails of our faiths and temptations.  This was something hard for them to understand.  So we talked about that and they accepted dates to be baptized the first of agosto!!!! wahoo!! PS.. We will expect a baptism this week!! Pray that we will see a miracle!!! :)

Thursday, we straight up traveled to bariloche!! Seriously I'm so lucky to be a witness of Gods greatest creations.. THE ANDES MOUNTAINS!! Its so awesome and the lakes it unimaginable!! I'm so blessed!!  But we got there for a solid Zone Training.  We did combined zone training with bariloche.  That is why we went. I'm part of the zone San Martin. 

This Thursday afternoon had changed my life... IN Ether, Moroni talks about how things were so great and the words were spoken so powerfully that they could not be written, this is what had happened.  I have never felt the spirit like I did feel it there.  We talked about the talk "Faith in the lord Jesus Christ" By Gene R. Cook.  I want you guys to look it up. It is on the website byuspeeches.org in this talk it talks about six steps of faith that we need to see the miracles and the blessings of god. We started with a story about a missionary that committed himself to baptize 25 people in 25 days!! And he baptized 18 but the week after he baptized 11.  We were filling the spirit.  In our two zones we put the goal to help 136 people receive the remission of their sins by the 8 of Agosto.  Here in villa la angostura my comp and I put the goal to help 20 people receive the remission of their sins by that same day.  I have faith because I know it can be done.  I KNOW JESUS LIVES.  He resurrected, he lives, and so does all the miracles he can perform.
A little bit of background, I have been studying this talk for almost the whole length of my mission.  It is about a missionary who changed his whole mission solo by faith.  He was an example to me in my mission and I have been following this talk since my time in Lago Puelo! And it has changed my mission and it is the reason because I started believing in the Lord Jesus Christ! And why I started baptizing.  And now I had the privilege to meet this missionary. He is from Uruguay.  HE is my President.  I have never been so dumb founded in my life.   It was the coolest thing to know!! And now he lets us drink coke as well. :)

One of the steps is to expect God to act after the trail of our faith and doing our part.  For that my message is that Im going to do my part.  I have been trying my best to make this time worth while, but now, I know exactly what I need to do.  I should expect god to try my faith.  I shall not give up; I shall not let down my faith. I shall gird up my loins and go to battle every day! And with that I know God will bless me.  I will persevere through the trails that come my way.  Just like I have done before. I shall deflect the fiery darts that satans throws at us! We will glorify God on the 8 of Agosto and nothing will stop that.  Joseph Smith the prophet of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ said, ¨No man can stop the work of the Lord.¨ we will glorify him and he will be triumphant.

Thank you so much family for all of your support! I love you guys with all my heart and I hope you guys know that!!!

Elder Wessel