Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, November 16, 2015

SOOO the week has gone super fast eh...  

I have been working a full! So this week we were able to work miracles in missionaries.. I’ve been able to help and see the hand of god! I love it! I’m grateful for every experience. 

I don’t have much time because we are traveling.. But on Monday we went to training in Zapala to help some zone leaders that are kind of a pain in the neck. So we watched that and we loved it and participated and helped out, and the spirit grew over everyone! We were super happy.  We had a missionary that wanted to go home. But we were there, and we took him to the sacramental and we talked to him.. And we gave him a blessing.  Seriously just felt power and happiness for serving this missionary.  Side note... Pres. took away our area because he wants us to help the mission.  So that change has been super hard for me... But as I placed my hands over his head, and then see the tears drop from that missionary's eyes, and look at me with gratitude for the blessing... God confirmed to me that this is my new mission.  I need to travel, bless, and exhort to the missionaries.  This missionary then called President after we took him to get ice cream and talk to him, he called pres and repented and told him he did not want to go home! Seriously something amazing.

Then we were down in El Bolson and lago puelo again, and we were in the church with the missionaries teaching helping them with problems with their bishop, and these members showed up with their investigator that was very indecisive about baptism.  So we taught him prayer.  We asked him if God was here, what would you ask him, He told us, I would ask him if it would change my life, and if I should get baptized.  We then told him God is here, ask him.  We went to the sacrament room to feel the spirit, there was like 10 people there.  We entered, I sat next to him, and he did the prayer.  He said the most sincere prayer, and then finished, and closed his eyes again.  We stayed in silence for 3 min.  My comp, then asked, what do you feel. He told us, I feel something super hot. Something that could be my answer.  Then we sat in silence a little bit longer, and then I asked him, What does he want to do now. He looked in my eyes, and said, “I want to get baptized." we then put the date and he gets baptized next week! 

God lives.  God is great. He answers prayers.  If they are sincere. 

I love the work. I love how I can help.  Honestly, I cant imagine myself in any other place. God has blessed me so much.  He opens my eyes, mind, and heart.  Fills me with love, fills me with inspiration and honestly, I see missionaries a little more like he sees them.  Even though they cause problems... I love the mission. I love the missionaries.  I love God!! 

Love you guys!  

Elder Wessel.

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