Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, September 21, 2015

whats up family,

This week was super fetching crazy!!! So like you guys know the Sunday was crazy we had a solid 6 investigators in church and some of those
investigators just came up to us and asked us if they could get baptized.

So that is what we did! the whole week we worked hard to bless the lives of
the ward and baptize makarena! she was baptized on Saturday and then her brother will be baptized this Saturday and then they invited more nephews and nieces and uncles and aunts to be baptized... things are so fetching crazy we are going to be the biggest tools in the lords hands this week!! im so happy for how the lord has blessed us!! :) its awesome!! :)

This week my comp left.  I have a new comp named Elder Moody from Draper!! He is super cool! and we already get a long great!! I love working in the work of the Lord! We are super blessed because we are trying to be obedient and trying our best to glorify our GOD!

The zone training was spectacular! we talked about how enoch was scared
when the lord called upon him to preach to his people.  IN Moses 6:31 he
talks and says, but god, every body hates me, im just a young lad and i
cant do anything.  With his fear and his humility, he translated not only
himself but also his city! so we talked about that and our zone Got super
pumped! Our numbers got raised up this week so we did see a little
difference in the attitude and the fear of the missionaries is going away!!
My zone is the greatest ever!!! I love all those missionaries with all my
heart!!! :)  man, God is great!!

I hope I can contaminate all of bariloche with happiness that the gospel
brings me!! I love you guys!! but I do love the gospel and what God is
doing for me! Im so happy to be serving him and being a small tool in his
hand!! I love it!!

CHRIST LIVES; GOD LIVES:  Thanks to them, we can work miracles!!!

Elder Wessel

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