Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, December 7, 2015

Missionary's in Chas Malal
So.... sorry I forgot to write this last week.. We were super busy and honestly didn’t have time.. haha but there was nothing really to report.  So all I’m going to talk about now is what I’ve been up to.

Chas Malal

    This week we were still traveling helping El Presidente with all his interviews.  We actually went down to Bariloche to interview all those missionaries.  That is where the President and my comp got robbed.  I did not.  Don’t worry.  We were at lunch and nothing happened to us.  No one was hurt.  They broke into the truck and stole the camera of our pres that is super nice, then they stole his mac book, a dell laptop, his I pad, and my comps camera and his memory cards.. So that yes was sad... but things are great we are still happy.  I learned a lot from pres that day and his patience with the Lord.  He new immediately that the Lord is trying us of our faith because we are in a great work and he told us... "Something huge is going to happen Elders." haha so we are excited and super humbled to learn from him.

  This week after bariloche we went up to villa la angostura and helped the missionaries there, we spent that p day in villa... super gorgeous!! haha great.  Then we went on home.

 IN our mission, we have fell from an average of like 30 baptisms a month to like 15 these past months.. We worked hard and did a tour of our mission, teaching the importance of baptism and the gospel is what makes us happy!  If people don’t get baptism they cannot access or use the atonement of Jesus Christ.  People can literally not repent unless they get baptized by water and by fire.  It is the only way.  We have to work with our heart, might, mind and strength exactly how Doctrine and Convenience 4 tells us so we can achieve that goal that God has.  If we don’t serve diligently, searching to save souls, we will appear before God with the sins of all the people that didn’t receive the gospel because we were not brave enough to talk to them...  Like is says in Enos,  if we do achieve these things, "Come unto me, good and faithful servant."  There is a place prepared for thee in the mansion of my father and glory on high.  I want that promise. I know by serving the lord, glorifying his name, bringing souls unto him I can hear those words!! I’m super excited!! After teaching those words to the mission, we ended up baptizing 40 people in the mission last month. And we started of diciembre with 14 in the first week.  That just doesn’t happen in our mission.  WE ARE SO BLESSED BY GOD!!!! We changed the name of December... it’s called in Spanish, BAUTICIEMBRE. (diciembre)  so BAPTIZEMBER.  It’s a great month and a great way to give a gift to Christ and God.  A savior has been born.  Do YOU GUYS REALIZE THE MIRACLES GOD MAKES FOR US WHEN WE ARE OBEDIENT??? ;)

 Then things just have been going well.  We are with President doing transfers now for the next transfer the spirit of revelation is strong and awesome.  

 We are planning a leaders council for the month of bauticiembre, and in the AP spot, there has not been a baptism in this area for more than 2 years... So me and my comp, put all our faith and ideas together, and we thought that before the council we could baptize one person so that the mission could realize that its possible.  We don’t even have and area, and we went with some missionaries to some old investigators that have been to church, and we had a spirit filled lesson outside his door.  HE had never wanted to get baptized, but last night he committed himself to get baptized before the council!! Wow!! God completes with his promises!! GOD LIVES!!

 You guys I love my mission.  It’s awesome!! There is nothing better! I’m too happy... I don’t want to leave!!

 I love you guys!!

Elder Wessel 

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  1. On the Amazing Race show they showed how the contestants had to put the meat on big sticks to cook it.. Love your letters, they are inspiring. Love you.