Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, November 23, 2015

PDay with El Presidente

SoOOOO this week was fantastic!! We did a huge tour of our whole mission, and we started on the Friday before that and we got home Saturday night!! Let’s get started... 

We left on Friday of the last week and we headed down to Esquel. Esquel is the farthest zone away from the mission home.  SOOO it was a fun trip.  We were able to pass by a ton old places that my comp and I have been and meet some really incredible people!! Really we have been so happy.
To Try and get better we have made a presentation to help the missionaries  to understand their purpose here in the mission.  Y eso es john 3:3-7 he who doesn’t get born of water and the spirit cannot enter into the kingdom of God... something like that.. But we have thought a lot of that and know that we need to help people understand that if we don’t help, people cannot repent. They cannot participate of the atonement of Jesus Christ. It will be impossible for them unless they have made those covenants with the lord.  So our job is highly important. And some missionaries just highly don’t understand.  So that has been our struggle to help them understand that this is not a game.  We are here prepare people to meet God.  I wish the missionaries could understand that. WE would be an outstanding mission.  Honestly it’s still super awesome.


So we have taken a road trip from Esquel which has traveling, and then we went  to zone of Bariloche which has El Bolson, then we went to San Martin with has Villa la Angostura, then we went to Zapala which has Chos Malal, then we went to Cutral Co which has Ricon de Los Sauces.  Then we went to Plottier and then nqn oeste, and then Roca and now we are going to finish all the other zones that we lack. We did that all in a week.  It was a long trip. Believe me!


So really I have been able to just see some real changes in missionaries and see that repentance is real! I feel like that is our main job right now.  While we don’t have an area, we just are with the missionaries calling them to repentance.  WE have all ready seen many changes in missionaries.  Some missionaries have called president telling him that they are sorry for what they have done and want to change after they have met with us.  President calls us his sons that he never had.  He is super happy and last night, he told us, you guys are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  That made me feel really good.
Because adjusting to the new mission way has been hard.  I was so use to working hard and finding people and now that it is different, he understands and he shows a lot of love. I REALLY appreciate what he has done. Missionaries are baptizing more, we are a more obedient mission and we love the Lord.  It’s a testimony every day that the atonement is real and CHRIST LIVES!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  And happy New Year!! President asked us to make him a turkey for thanks giving, but they don’t celebrate it so he wants us to give it a shot with him!!


Love you guys!!


Mom send me recipes now!! Before tomorrow!!!


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