Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey man, how are you guys doing?? I hope things are all super well for you guys! so this week was super crazy... I can tell that my emails are getting pretty boring because mom is sending me things to write about.. haha I’m sorry I honestly suck at expresión what I want to say and how I want to say it. So I will try and get better.


So I feel like things are pretty cool.  Getting adjusted the new life and I’m just enjoying it!!  Really I’ve been just learning so much from the president and he has expressed so much trust in us to take over the mission and turn it into a baptizing mission.  ITs been so cool.


So this week, I got to the office on Sunday night and started doing the drives test that the church does.  Its super funny and kind of scary.  It starts off with some slide show presentations and then goes into how to be a defensive driver, which I wasn’t before, ;) mm.. haha but then it starts showing some rad and funny videos.  A bunch of hillbillies and how not to drive.  Then all of a sudden it just shows up with some apostles and them droping some loving cane.  They talk about the importance and our condemnation if we suck at driving... haha it’s scary.  But it was funny to think about how really everything we do has or should have a spiritual purpose to it. So it was cool to think that when someone cuts me off now I’m going to be able to wave and smile and be grateful for the favor I could do for them. ;) haha


On Monday, we had all the interviews for the missionaries that were going home! It was a craziness.  Holy cow.. all of them stayed in our pension and they went outs... Like what ever the mission is gone!! hah it was a disaster.  But then, it was a complete change when all the new missionaries got here on Tuesday afternoon. I enjoyed that so much.  We just spent time with them, made them feel welcome and just show them how the mission works! We had a great time and I got spiritually regenerated from their energy! I love it!! Then we sent them off with their trainers and all the trainers are super great@@ so they will all become great missionaries!! I’m so excite for them! ;)


Then on Friday nothing really happened.. It was a hard day. We just kind of hung out with pres, he told us what he wants us to do.. HE told us in his own translated words.. Elders I want you to be my assistants.  I need this mission to change. I need baptisms and God told me to call you two.  So if I needed you to work in the field I would have kept you there. But I need you guys to help me change the mission.  So that is our mission now, We are going to be traveling helping the missionaries get excited and pumped about the mission work and be at their sides cheering them on when they baptize!! :)  So I’m pumped!!!!


My Comp elder Motzkus is from north Salt Lake, he is legit.  We met each other when we were district leaders and we were just innata bestfriends so when we came to white wash we were both pumped and instantly great friends.  IM so happy and we get along great! ;) haha 


Then on Sunday we left to a city 2 hours away to got to church in a little branch far away from everything and it was just so cool.  We have been super happy.  And in the class there, there was a family of investigators and we gave their daughter a blessing to heal her from cancer.. I don’t know what happened yet, but it was a spirit filled room and I know that through their faith, great things will happen.  I’m super pumped! 


Really I have been stressed, happy, living, running, going crazy, spiritually active and there is nothing better.  Just getting used to everything.  There is a saying in Spanish that is when you can do anything else, you say theres nothing else... "no queda otro" haha so we say all that time!! :) 


I hope that was better..  I don’t really have many photos.. cámara is too big and i hate carrying it... So all the pics will be on Facebook!! 


Love you guys with all my heart. I hope you like the letter mom!!!


Elder Wessel

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