Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14

Well this week was surely nothing to special!! we worked our butts off like
always but miracles are so normal now that i dont know which one to write
you guys!! haha but family just know i have a testimony of the lord and
savior jesus christ and i know god lives.  With all my heart i will glorify
him and that is was i am doing!!

We made invitations this week so people will start coming to church.. we
ahve been struggling with that, but now since we have been trying supe hard
for that to work god blessed us! we had a less active member come, with her
daughter that isnt baptized, her grandaughter that isnt baptized and
another girl that is aless active.  They came up to us and asked if we
could baptize them! it was a miracle and an answer to our prayers.  im
super happy for that! we also had 3 other investigators in church and now,
we will start baptizing all of them in these weeks!! im super happy and
super glad to be a worthless tool in the hands of god! i know he blesses me
and i know he is using me now!! i love the zone im working with.

We are worried about the zone because they are scared.  They dont have
courage and are very timid! we called a speciall zone meeting for this
night.  We are going to talk about how to be missionaries who testify with
out fear and challenge and how to teach effectivily so we start baptizing
as a zone!! im super pumped, planning i felt the spirit testify that the
lord is pleased with this decision and we are super pumped to transmit our
excitement to the zone! please pray that we will be able to get rowdy wiht
them and they will leave edified from the meeting!

I love yo guys with all my heart!! keep up the work of salvation!! i am

elder Wessel

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