Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, October 5, 2015

they are just doing soooo well! im so happy for them! the investigators
are keeping the commitments, they all came to church and they all left were
edified by the spirit! im so grateful for all of them... Im super happy to
be here.  Im here with two members, Lorena and Pablo, they are both served
missions and are my favorite members here. Im so grateful for all the
things they did. They brought an investigator named Raul and his son Walter
to the church. he was so spirit filled after the conference that he couldn’t
even express himself. He gets baptized now this same month. There was
another guy with his wife, named Maxi and Noelia,  they came and they have
just seen miracles in their lives.  And maxi had to leave right after
conference ended and he told his wife to tell me,  (i know for a fact that
i will be baptized on the 31.) the prophets spoke to him!

Conference was great" the investigators are awesome!! God loves us! one
thing that really stood out to me was the talk of the Prophet.  He told us
to keep  the commandments.  He was so driven that he lost strength.  But he
could have back down, and left but he did what a man of God would do.  he
stood strong, bore the testimony most strong that i have ever heard in my
life and told us to repent. And be obedient.  I know that Thomas s. Monson
is a prophet of God! I know he has been called along with all the Apostles!!

I loove you guys!

Elder Wessel :) love you guys!!!

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