Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, November 3, 2014

Chapter 21 Seattle? Rain, Rain, Rain!

Lots of rain
 Lago Puelo everybody!! Ahhh man I love it here!! I would want to move here... if they lived like people from the United States... and had American food and did stuff like Americans.... haha but still it’s so awesome here!!!!  

This week felt like Seattle... I’ve never been to Seattle but I can imagine that if Seattle has a lot of rain it would be like this... haha ;)  We got soaked 3 days.  Completely drenched..  We could have same in our clothes.  Wow it was a lot.  I promise you all!!

On top of the mountain over the lake
Good things that happened this week were our investigators.  We have been following up with Anahi and lucas.  I don’t know what we have done but we are super blessed.  They are so willing to follow their commitments and are so willing to change their lives for God and this Gospel!  We started this week out with a lesson with Anahi and we talked her about the plan of salvation and man... we were not prepared on our part.. and it was a disaster.  haha but then we went back and helped her move the next day to a new house.  Then she was super thankful. Then we went back and taught her the next day and we followed up on the plan of salvation but the lesson got directed to the day of rest and to the word of wisdom.  She has a problem with going to church every Sunday and smoking and drinking.  But she wanted to drop smoking and drinking.  We talked to her about blessing and she said she was interested in one to help strengthen her through this difficult time of quitting.  I gave the blessing to her.  In Spanish... ahah but it was inspired by God and I was able to speak fluently with the words of God.  Please pray for her to be strengthened though this so she can quit and be baptized!!


Trees of shadows
Lucas, does not really believe in God that much, but wants that belief... so we decided to teach the restoration this week and it was one of the better lessons I’ve been in for the restoration! The spirit was testifying and he was participating so he could understand.  He is keeping his commitments except he just didn’t make it to church this week! But we are working with him! I love these investigators this transfer and am super excited!! 

I’m so glad to be serving the mission.  My companion is the best and is a very hard worker.  He may have lactose intolerance but he keeps it under control so we can work hard!! haha I love working for the Lord and love doing his work! I will keep doing it until I cannot possible do it anymore!! 

Halloween 2014
I love you guys with all my heart and especially the gospel in my life!!! 

LOve Elder Wessel

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