Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, November 10, 2014

Chapter 22, 6 Months out

6 Months out burn a tie

This week was a week to remember.  We did a lot of good stuff and helped some investigators and they are now progressing.   

Monday for p day we hiked up a cool mountain to find a waterfall then had some good lessons with a member and a menos activo.  Haha I think we found a match made in heaven. He likes her and she likes him. They didn’t say anything but man... they were flirting up a storm.  They also call missionaries hitch makers did you know that?'

We had to ride a bus 20 minutes then hike 1 hour to get to a remote area in our area to contact.
A picture of that area.  Called Cerro Radal.
     Later that week it started pouring again and we got even more soaked than last time.  It was no fun but it was really worth it. We can feel the blessing come from God when we work through the rainy days!! haha 

     Wednesday my comp stepped on a rusty nail and it took like half the day to get to do anything because we went to the doctor to get a tetanus shot and they didn’t have it so we had to travel to the next nearest hospital which is 1 hour away.  And they didn’t have it either.. So there went that day.  Then the next morning we went back and they had it!  We then taught our investigators!!

     Anahi, still has a problem with smoking... but is progressing and came to church! She gave us lunch this week and she made a weird form of meat loaf.  I haven’t seen that since my moms, and it defiantly wasn’t as good!! Promise mom!! ;) But her and her daughter attended the church this week and really liked it, and both are preparing to be baptized on the 29 of November!! Please pray from them!! Please pray that they can grow testimonies of God and of Joseph Smith! That is the most important thing for them right now. 

Rain, Rain, Rain
     Lucas, didn’t make it to church this week but we talked to him about the first part of faith and repentance and tonight we are going to talk to him about baptism! Please pray that he will accept the date to be baptized tonight!! We are really excited about him! He loves doing his commitments but doesn’t have a lot of faith in God!! Please pray that God can answer his prayers and give him the testimony he needs!! I’m super excited for him!! He has a killer family that is just really super prepared!!

     This week I completed 6 months in the mission haha. I followed a tradition and burnt a tie that was garbage! And now I’m 6 monther in the mission field and people finally have respect for me haha. I am learning the language really well and feel like I’m progressing as a missionary.  My testimony is growing very strong and right now in my life I can say that this is the church of Jesus Christ.  There is no doubt about it in my heart.  Joseph Smith restored this church for Him so we can have an Eternal life!! I love this Gospel.  I’m so thankful for all the support and prayers you guys have giving me! I pray for all of you each day hoping good things come your way!! I know God loves us. Each one of us. We all should remember that during the day!! 

I love you guys with all my heart..  

Elder Wessel 

Sorry the English sucks

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