Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, December 1, 2014

Chapter 25, wow Milagros again

Elder Ogden I'm going to miss him

Wow family, what a great week.  Kind of sad, but good. 

This week was transfers and my good homie (companion) Elder Ogden left good ole Lago Puelo.  He went up more north by Neuquen.  It was a good thing to have him and I’m super excited for his future.  I sure learned a lot from him.  I hope things are good where he is going.
Sooooo, Anahi and Aylin, made their promise with the Lord this week and got baptized.  IT was so special and I can’t believe I was able to help them.  I am so blessed from the Lord.  I learned so much and love them so much.  The baptism was a little crazy.  Aylin wanted to get baptized without anybody watching her.  She is super shy.  You can see in the photo that she has an angry face.  But, she was super happy.  We had to invite the people to leave the room and go back to the sacrament room and then we did the baptism.  Haha it was crazy but it worked out and the spirit was super strong.  I did the ordinance for Anahi.  I had a picture of us in the white clothes but somehow it got deleted... I don’t know how.  SUPER SORRY: 
Anahi and Aylyn

Lucas Bermudez and his family are now our main focus.  HE is super excited for his baptism date on the 20 of December.  He told elder Ogden before he left that he will continue to go to church and be firm. He just needs to start attending the reunions.  Please pray for him to get to the chapel and partake of the sacrament.

Zone Confrence
This week we had a zone capacitation for Christmas.  We are starting this new way of finding people and new investigators this month through a video the church made called “He is the gift.  On December 7 the church will take over YOUTUBE: We are super excited as a mission and as a world.  Each mission in the world had this zone conference and will start using this way of finding. TODAY:  We are suppose to hand out 10 of these hand out cards a day and record names and then send them into Salt Lake.  This is big.  They really have faith that this will bring so many more people unto Christ.  As of two days ago. I have witnessed that as to be true.  God works miracles if we listen to his inspired profetas.  The prophets are inspired and receive revelatino.  I know it’s true. 

Dayan and Elder Ogden
I’m so excited to tell you guys that my testimony is growing stronger each and every day.  I want you to know that I understand the power that I have.  I understand my duty as a missionary. I understand the people that I am suppose to help.  I do believe that nothing will change this site that I have.  Nothing will change my purpose as a missionary.  I am GODS servant in this time.  I will never be in this stage of my life again.  I am living it up and doing the best I possibly can. 

I know this church is true.  I love my savior and I know he knows my afflictions.  I know he is here to love me and guide me. 

Thank you for your support.  

Love you guys, 

Elder Wessel

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