Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, December 29, 2014

Chapter 29: Happy New Year!!!

Over looking my area

Holy cow, time flies, I feel like I just saw you guys... OH wait.......... hahah funny.
So we had a couple of people in church this week. Lucia and Guadalupe.  Guadalupe had a baptism date for this week but she lacks one attendance to the church.  haha Lucia is her little sister who we had no idea about but has been coming to church.  So Lucia, she will get baptized in the next week.   But we also my hold off on it, and wait till her sister can do it with her.  They are 11 are 12 years old.  It’s super cool how god just helped us out in that way.  I know it comes from super obedience and comes from really having the desires to do God’s will.

Our Christmas Day hike
Well family, I feel like I already told you guys everything.  We hiked a mountain, 16 miles, and then just chilled and played a white elephant.  My gift kind of sucked.  A jump rope and some used deodorant.  haha mom, you always gave better gifts than that... cough cough, I mean Santa. 

Either way, I want you guys to know, I’m super happy, and I’m super embarrassed about crying about an investigator in front of you guys.  haha it really shows that I’m not a huge buff guy out on the mission.  I still am normal Clay.  ahah except I have a bigger testimony..
 (fromKacey...during the phone call his sister asked him his best moment and his worst moment.  Clay took a few minutes then responded with him baptizing a mother  and her commitment to the gospel.  Then he responded with the worst and he said that same mother had started to smoke again.  it was at that time clay broke down. he loves these people so much. For his Mom and Dad and family emotional as well  )
Christmas Skype
I’m super happy to hear the progressino of our family and the willingness of everyone going to the temple especially on this special week of Matt’s endowment.  I want you guys to seriously take this seriously.  Really think in why are you doing this? For what reasons.  We will always remember that it is because god has blessed us so much to give us such a merciful plan of salvation.  Thank you guys for being worthy to do this for your brother and son.

Overlooking my area

Next, Lucas, he is progressing.  We have the date for his marriage, and then right after he gets hitched, we are throwing him down under that water.  IM super excited and so is he.  He has a big testimony and realizes the importance of making this covenant with god.  He understands the importance.  For that, he has a little bit of fear and doesn’t want to fail.  Please pray for him to have the strength and faith to continue on.  He is super special person, and will be a great branch president some day. 

Thank you all for the support.  Dad, I’m sorry, my emails suck lately.  I’m really trying to be better.  But really this week, it was hard to have a lot of miracles.  Right now, we will focus more so that I can have better emails.  Haha I miss you guys and I’m super happy you are all doing so well.

Love Elder Wessel

This is the bosque Tallado.  We climbed the mountain to see it. This burnt down trees got turned into carvings by some cool guys.  We will check more out later.

Nos Vemos

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