Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, December 22, 2014

Chapter 28 Christmas is here "Feliz Navidad"

My Christmas sweater

Hola family, 

So let’s start off with a sorry for not really writing last week.  We got too caught up in p day and played too much and we ended up not really writing.  But, things turned out alright.  NO one got hurt and I’m great!!

so this week was just a week of learning lessons for me.  Learning that life is not easy and especially when you are on the mission.  With all the things that happen in the mission then you throw some good ole personal stuff on that and you got for a good week.  "Sarcasms” I feel like me and my companion is getting a long pretty well and maybe too well.  So I feel like we just weren’t that focused this week.  Especially with this duty we have of passing out the cards that we are supposing to.  We were really lazy and underachievers this week.  I have spent a lot of time on my knees this week, and don’t really want to have this week again.   

I always remember a story that happened to me in the temple.  I remember when we were talkin to the president of the temple before the good stuff happened.  He asked a question that really stuck with me.  When satan starts throwing darts fast, hard and a lot of them, and your life starts to get really hard, what are you going to do in that moment.  Especially on your mission.    

i thought to myself for a couple seconds, and i replied, but not with an answer that a 18 year old kid would say.  Most definitely not the answer he was expecting.  I responded “Work Harder."  This saying has stayed in my head ever since April 3, 2014.  Sitting in that room with my dad and another kid that i had never met in my life.   

Family, i want you to know, that i am working my hardest.  I remember the words i said.  I feel like it was a little promise I made to myself.  I work harder every day.  I promise I am trying to be the best missionary i can be.  I love the work.  Sometimes it gets hard.  But, that’s when we need to work harder.

God helped us to get the son of Anahi to church.  But he did not like it.  so it was hard after.  Please pray for him so he will have the desires to go back to church.  His name is Alex.  he is 13 years old. 
Christmas packages came

I want to exhort you all to find something you can do for the savior this week.  Something you can do to make him smile.  Something to really show the Christmas spirit.  I love you guys. I love all your support and im super excited to see all of you guys this week for a good Christmas call on eskype.  Like they say in Argentina. 

I love you guys, love the mission more, and I love the lord even more.  Thanks for all the love you guys give me.  Please keep supporting me.  I need it!!!! 
Helping out at the BarBQ

Elder Wessel 

p.s. I will have better stuff on the work next week.  Not much happened.  

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