Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, February 22, 2016

Great day family,
      This week was a tremendous week! I loved it and it was very adventurous. I started out the week with a  good p day of relaxation.  Then we I left and went alone to the zone leaders pension here in Neuquen.  They are super struggling so I went to help them and see what I could do.. And in fact.. I could really work with them, because a missionary got super sick and I went an took him to the mission house and I spent the afternoon with him.  While I was there at the mission house, it occurred that President was going to go to Roca.  A city about 1 hour away where he was going to have an interview with the Stake President.  So, him not having someone to go with, Invited me to go with him on the trip to Roca. It was him and I alone and there we were able to deepen our conversation and I really just had a good talk and learned a lot just from a small trip. It was cool that he even trusted me enough to be in the meeting with the Stake President as well.

      Then, On wednesday we worked out in our area. and it was good day and on the wise, I got super sick.  I couldn’t really even walk my stomach was hurting me so bad.  That had not happened to me in sooo long.  So I stay in the pension a little on Thursday but we still worked and did some stuff.  Taught some lessons.  Then, we took off for Bariloche on Friday.

   While we were down there we visited 4 cities and talked about the importance of Preach my Gospel.  There is a 70 coming at the end of April so we have to prepare the mission to be a mission of preach my gospel.  So we were working with that the week and it was super cool and we just barely got back from Bariloche.  There, I saw one of my converts and he has the priesthood and is giving references to the missionaries and passing the sacrament and doing wonderful.  That made me super happy! I felt great!

I Love You Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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