Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


 So this week is short one.. But many wonderful things are and have been happening.  We actually had some very wonderful experiences this week that really motivated me to do better.  This week we worked a lot with president as we went to interviews and we acquired more information from elder Bednar as he came down to Argentina. 

  This week we had a wonderful Tuesday nothing too exciting.  But we started the interviews up on the north part of the mission.  We found all the missionaries great and happy and their desires greater and greater each time.  I have felt good with the missionaries and am happy with what is happening.  We are continuing an raise in the work and the missionaries are working harder and harder each time.

  On Wednesday, Elder Bednar started his transmission throughout all of the South American south area. In our area is; Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.  So we had over 6 thousands missionaries watching Elder Bednar.  He gave an interactive talk for about 3 hours and it was super awesome.  I was changed in what I have been thinking and the way I act as a missionary. 

   To prepare us for his talk, he sent out 3 talks for us to study.  They are called; Ask in Faith, Learning by faith, and Converted unto the lord.  They are all written by him. As I studied the talks I found deep desires to try and to partake of what he was trying to communicate to us.  I found my prayers instantly get better.  I found myself not only praying but willing to act.  In one of the talks from Elder Bednar, (ask in faith) he states that God will not just give us what we want when we just ask. However, he will bless us in our endeavors as we act to obtain the thing we have asked for.  As we make plans, and the act upon those plans then HUMBLY ask him to bless us with opportunities and chances to receive for what we have worked for, HE WILL. 

  He also stated that we are agents.  We are not objects.  He taught us a way to teach.  That we can not force that someone feels the spirit.  We are not the teachers.  THE SPIRIT is.  in turn, he explained that we provided spiritual environments so that the investigators can have the opportunity to feel the need to open their heart and try and feel it.  That is our job, is to provide the opportunity to feel it.  As we follow the spirit the investigators will understand and we will be able to present the message clearly so they can choose to accept or not.

  There are many more different things that I learned and it was fantastic but there is too much to explain right now.

  I have been learning a lot about repentance.  Repentance is way to act upon our prayers.  I know that as humans, we are week.  We are very desirable of the worldly.  We don’t understand, the blessings and the way we can be elevated unto God as we repent.  We don’t understand that it is sweet.  The exact opposite of bitter or hard.  It’s something that we can do, to be able to use and apply the atonement in our lives. If we do not use the atonement in our live every day, it will be nearly impossible to continue forward with a firm faith in Jesus Christ.  Repentance brought me out of the hardest moments of my life.  Repentance taught me, that not only will I walk taller, I will walk side by side with my savior.  That as I am able to understand that "let thy will be done, and not mine" my understanding of Jesus Christ and my love for him become ridiculously large and I can’t hold feelings back from my own being.  My darkest moments of my life I was saved by a simple prayer of repentance and a weight lifted off of me and then raised up on eagles wings. I know we can soar on the wings of an eagle.  But it really depends on us if we want to. 

God lives. He loves us.  And he will forgive and never remember more.

Love Elder Wessel

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