Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, February 8, 2016

Buenos Dias,

  This week was super and I’m super great! Ha I’m loving the mission still.  I’m just still enjoying everything.

   This week we had leadership council and it was super great! We brought all the zone leaders up to Neuquén and we talked a lot about all the new things in the mission.  We had just had the transmission from Elder Oaks and the mission department of the church and included all that we had heard and learned from them to the council and added some new ideas for Neuquén.  We talked a lot about how our main purpose is the teaching of repentance and nothing else.  We realized that in the Book of Mormon, repentance is what is being taught to all the people that are getting to know God and what all the missionaries in the Book of Mormon teach first.  We helped and set plans with all the zone leaders and sister leaders to better our teaching and base it on repentance.  With that in mind, we knew not far behind was the end goal of baptizing more souls and helping them come unto Christ.  Side note; in the month of December and January, we doubled the amount of Baptizms we had from the year before.  And this year, we have 100 less missionaries.  We can clearly tell that the Lord has many things set up for this mission and loves us a lot.
      With all those things said, we had realized that our mission had not been the mission that plans super well.  We have been very lazy with our planning and we have not been deservers of the success because we don’t act according to the will of God.  So we stressed the importance of studying and planning so we may have the spirit during the day.  My comp stated a quote "an empty mind is Satan’s workshop." we applied that to our daily functions.  If we don’t have a full day, we will be ineffective and won’t get a lot of things done.  We set goals so we can have things to complete.  As we work to those goals and we are focused on them, satan has no where to enter and ruin the day! So I appreciated that and have been trying to change my mind on how I think and how I plan! We focused a lot on preach my gospel as well where it teaches us how to plan.  And a lot of it was just there for us to use, and we didn’t use it.  We held ourselves back from blessings that God had in store.  But, now humbly I realize that everything that we received is from God so we can be happy and progress.  There is actually a thing on LDS.org that I want you guys to read! it’s called seven happiness principals.  Look it up!
    This week with the teaching... we taught.  A lot.  But I feel like our investigators aren’t understanding because they haven’t been completing there commitments and haven’t been going to church. This is my first week in a long time that I hadn’t had investigators in church. It was super sad and honestly made me feel like all the hard work that was done during the week was in vane... it was tough.  But, God provides.  He loves me guys! it’s so real.
    We have a rule in the mission that we can’t be in the church unless we have investigators, (yes we can go to take the sacrament) so obeying this we left and went and look and we didn’t stay there.  Later that day we were with a lot of members and they started giving us a ton of references and loving us.  But something really weird happened and dropped my excitement... I got a little down with myself.  We took a seat on the curb and there appears a less active sister with her boyfriend.. .they had been reading the book of Mormon and he loves the story of Joseph Smith.  They invited us over to drink some juice and we taught the first lesson.  IT was fantastic.  He now is going to read and pray and come to church with us!! I’m loving how God loves us!

Love you guys,

Elder Wessel

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