Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, February 1, 2016

All the new missionaries

Buenos Dias familia,

    I would love to start out with just saying that... AHHHH yeah! The mission is great man! I have been on a really big roller coaster ride this week! Of trying to balance administrating the mission and running my area with my wonderful companion Elder Motzkus! Seriously, it has been just a way of balance in our life as walking hard, proselyting missionaries and being able to attend the phone when people call for problems and being able to excite the missionaries to do a little more than what they think they could be doing.
Helping at the airport
    Mom, I don’t know why you didn’t know, but yes we have been in our area since the first week of January! Working hard and loving everything we do! Honestly I love it! because I got the old feelings of just tiring myself until my body just hurts at night and we get home and plan, and we have to be behind the mission so we know what’s going on, so we can help them, so we always go to bed late and super tired and sore. But as we get out of bed it’s like this miraculous thing were my body is 100 percent and I have enough energy to run around the world 4 times and not get tired.  The lord loves us! Seriously he is aware of us.  It’s pretty amazing.
Missionaries leaving
   This week all the old missionaries that completed the mission took the plane ride home and are with their families. This group contained some of the greatest missionaries that I have met.  They had a great faith and did everything to help the mission grow.  And they were all great and wonderful friends of mine.  It was a hard to say good bye. However, the newbies got here with a head full of pride and a body and mind full of excitement! They were so awesome to have them, and they helped us get back on track and remember our purpose as missionaries!! What a wonderful group of missionaries.

   Having said all that, we were too busy with all the administrative stuff so we weren’t able to get to our area until Thursday afternoon.  And God blessed us with some miracles. Wow... We got there and we don’t have very many people right now because we just opened the area.  So we were contacting and we knocked on a door and there was a young man with his guitar in hand and his girlfriend that he lives with, and his 10 month old baby.  He invited us in and sang us a song and it was super spiritual.  We taught repentance and told him the decision is now. We have to get baptized.  We asked him how he felt and he started crying with his GF.  They said that they had been praying to get back to the church.  But... they didn’t come on Sunday.  His brother is a Pentecostal man and put bad ideas in his mind.  so we have a battle!! WE WILL WIN!... Or.. GOD WILL WIN!!

   Then we just were able to go around with a some members this week as well and things just went great! We found a lot of new people and now have some new baptism dates!! Things are great!!

I just know God loves us! There is no other greater truth than that.  GOD LOVES US: CHRIST LIVES!!!

Los AMO.

Elder Wessel

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