Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hey dudes, the doors open. 

IM pumped on the mission guys!! I love the mission! But it has been hard this week. 

We have been starting the new program and this week was super extraño and we just had a hard time getting started ya feel me! I feel the spirit and my studies and I feel things working.. But I can tell that it is going to take some patience. Really I don’t know what to talk about this week.  This week was a week of trials. 

This week we finally got into our new pension and it is super big and nice! We have to have a big one so we can hold the new missionaries and the ones that are leaving.  So it’s pretty cool.   But they cut our gas and now we don’t have means to cook or have hot water and we have been getting super cold in the shower in the mornings.  You have to turn on the water, dive in get all wet, turn off the water, soap up yourself, turn back the water and get the soap off and listo.  You get out quick.  It’s a very effective way to start the morning!!! :)

Other than that, we have had a rough week. Where we just started the area.  they didn’t have any investigators before. So we came in, and it’s been hard... we have been pressing forward in the work. And doing our best! But man, it gets to the point when we are walking so much, talking with a lot of people and nothing happens so we suffer so bad that there is nothing else to do than laugh.  So it has been fun! We suffer but the Lord loves us.  So we are alright! 

I promise things are going to get better.  We will have success next week! We are going to do some great big things with my comp elder Motzkus! It will be gangsta! I love him.

The baptism was last week.  The Elders were teaching him before but they would not accept.  So we went in and got it done!! It was great!  His parents were less actives and they got active!

So now we have the p day.  President is taking us to a dino museum! So I love the mission! Things are great! I have a testimony super strong! I know that God lives.  And things are great!! I’m happy!! :)


Elder Wessel 

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