Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, September 7, 2015

Holy moly we don’t have guacamole!

Whats up family?

Things are super good! haha I’m super happy and we are busy! so things are super good! we had the opportunity to have a 70 of area come to our mission this week and it was super rad! So we had Elder Texeira come.. no dad its not Mr. Texeira from the yanks.. hah I was just as depressed as you are now! haha But he came and we learned a ton.  Usually in our mission the reason we are successful here is because we are teaching a whole lot.  He made that known to us and showed us how we could teach more and that it is more productive if we teach rather than just baptize.

We I’ve been doing I promise! we teach.. but I guess my teaching skills weren’t where they needed to be! So I was super happy to learn that! In the mission we were teaching like 5 to 7 lessons a week! after that we went and taught 10 lessons in 3 days, and set 6 baptism dates! really inspired me to become a whole lot better! Like Helaman says in chap 16 if it happened in a land far away, or in a time far away why cant it happen now? so what we did is worked hard! we are going to baptize thousands like Ammon did!! Im super excited! A little bit of what I learned is that I need to love a little bit more to the people! I need to show that really I am here to help them! SO that is my goal this week! Is learn how to love more because we need to become like christ if we want to do what he did! That is simple right?? haha

 We had some cool things happen to us! we actually were walking and my comp and I decided that we are going to talk to everyone in the street, so we did.  We saw a lady and her kid, outside of their house.  We cant enter house of women alone so we stayed outside her house.  We talked to her and she told us that she had been thinking about getting baptized that morning but has some problems to fix.  ONE of them is smoking.  So the first lesson we taught was the word of wisdom them we asked her if we could do a prayer, and we did a prayer, and then taught faith, repentance, baptism by water and by fire, yea, even the holy ghost! She accepted to be baptized and loved everything we told her! She is using the book of Mormon to stop the need of smoking! She is super prepared!! Imagine my week if that is one of the 6 people that we found! things are great!

love you guys!! keep it smooth back at home!!

love you elder Wessel

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