Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Just another week

Baptism of Cirilo Pereyra
Hola family,

Whats happenin?  things are super radical here and I'm enjoying the heck out of the mission.

Seriously, im sorry I suck at using time on the computer now.  I never have time! haha  But I love you homies!
Just chillin in my area

This week was crazy.  The baptism of Cirilo is the first baptism in this ward since 1 year ago and a little more.  People were so happy. I didn’t take a picture but he whole ward showed up! they were hugging and crying and loving and everyone brought food and everything! it was incredible! i was so impressed. Huge change from villa la angostura! haha but seriously, I’ve never seen someone so happy in my entire life.  HE went and bought a suit and wore his suit to the baptism, then he got baptized.  He got redressed and then came back in to the sacrament room and just smiled. the smile never left his face! it was incredible how happy he was.  He said I know my wife is happy with the decision
I have made, my mom too.  Now I will be an example for my children and my grandchildren.  He is incredible family. Seriously to see his face made me feel a joy that I have never felt before! I'm so happy for this gospel.  SERIOUSLY!! GO PREACH TO EVERYONE!!!!

This is my work and my glory. To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man!! FAAA I love it! Im participating in that every day!!! hahah I just want to scream and shout that is how happy I am in the work!! I want to tell every one that!!!

We had to do a ton of exchanges this week with missionaries to help them so they could baptize this week! we found a ton of investigators.  But the fruits were only 2 baptism this week.  At least God blessed us to be the example so the zone gets pumped!! we have set some crazy goals! GO BIG OR GO HOME!! God blessed Ammon and Amuleck,and Alma and Aaron with thousands of people to baptize.  Why wouldn’t he do it now??? haha Heck ya its incredible this work of the Lord!" I hope you guys understand, that God loves his children!! I will boast of that to everyone! God exists and will bless his children according to their desires!!  We will see fruits!!

love you family!! Keep it real and help the Lord in his work!!
I mustache you a question

A seventy of South America is coming this week!! its going to be cool! he has asked to interview us(my companion and I)! we will see how that goes!!

Elder Wessel

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