Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hola Family,
     So things are super good right now! we are super happy and yes... I’ve been transferred to barliloche.. ;) wahoooooo
     Ive been called as a zone leader to watch over my old area of Lago Peblo as well so i will be able to return and visit all the people I met down there!"! I’m super happy! I’m super pumped and super humbled to have the opportunity.
     The transfer was not expected.. I was thinking that my comp was going to leave because he has been there for a lot time.. but the presidente had a different vision! so we are going hard to work now!! I’ve got a Chilean as a comp now! His name is Elder Castillo! Castillo means cattle! haha we will be working hard to help the Bariloche Zone!!  (Bady-loche) that is was it sounds like.  so say it like that!! haha but we are super pumped to be working together.
Um.. there is not much to write this week... my last week in villa we had a great time.  we worked hard and got them a lot of investigators and got villa super prepared.  We found two families that are now preparing to get baptized and so I was kind of super upset that I had to leave.  that is my goal in the mission is to baptize a family!! to help a family take the first step to eternal life!!

But other than that... Im in bariloche.. happy. ready to work!! love you guys!!!
Elder Wessel

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