Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, July 27, 2015

its not the sound of music but its close
 So this week was a little bit loco.  We went up to a huge ski resort and had a blast!! We rode the ski lift and then we sledded up on top.. We aren't aloud to ski or snowboard... we went with a member that is super cool. And he talks English! We are going to come back and start a restaurant when I finish my mission... jaja

But Tuesday was a hard and so was Wednesday!! We are teaching but things are progressing.  We are working super hard and its frustrating because we aren't seeing results... This week again we invited everyone we saw to church.  We made invitations with our address and everything and stopped every person on the street.  We have been sharing the restoration with everyone.. I've never said the first vision so much! It's awesome... I'm loving the missino right now. I'm testifying and challenging people to come unto Christ.. But they wont do it..  

Thursday we were in San Martin.. We traveled two hours to our zone conference with president and there I had a confirmation that Jesus is the Christ. They asked me how I baptize, and was able to share my testimony of the living God and his living son.  I noticed as I shared my testimony the spirit bore witness to me as well! It was a great and relaxing feeling.  

We then worked super hard and put everything we had Friday and Saturday.. But I still feel like we could have done more! But it we are trying.  God is trying us a lot right now and we need to prevail.  This week we have ahead of us will be the week!! We are going to find the people!

I don't really have much to say.. I'm sorry! I know god lives. I know his son is Jesus Christ.  They have bodies.  I know the book of Mormon is true, and I know with a complete certainty that JOSEPH SMITH was and is and forever will be the prophet of this dispensation.
providing service, look out Caroline
Love you people!

Elder Wessel

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