Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Do you want to build a Snow Man"

We were put to trail. hah we were trailed this week.  I don't know how to say that.  But man... it was a very good but very hard week.

So what happened this week was a lot of hard work.  A lot of sweat, tears, frustration, happiness, and.... yeah.. haha
Lots of snow
So I don't really remember.  But we did a bunch of searching. We had to find and find and find.  We found a ton of people and had some great experiences.  We found 10 people that excepted to be baptized the 8 of august.. But only 1 person came to church.. hah but we met this one guy named MARIANO! He is a gansta! We were walking in the street.. And we were talking.. Honestly about girls and how you should lock your heart! There is a talk by elder Packard.. ahah and we said hello to this one man, middle of the conversation and I extended my hand.. He heard my talking and new I was from the United States because of my GRINGO accent! ahaha but I just told him we are missionaries and messengers of Jesus Christ, and we have a message for you. Can we share it with you.. We were right by his house and he then said, come in and let's talk. :) notice, this doesn't happen a lot. So we went in, and he expressed his concern with the search he is doing and doesn't feel comfortable with the church he was attending and we taught him the restoration.  HE loved it.  Said he felt like something was telling him it's true! So we used that testifying spirit and invited him to be baptized!! He accepted! Now we are waiting for his gf to get home so they can get married!! 

My faith is being tried, and I'm working hard.. I had a story I want to share with you guys this week. 

A guy had a pearl. He hid this pearl because it's precious and worth a lot.  He had one of the only ones in the world.  Then he had visitors that told him he should share it. HE presented the pearl in a wood box that was very finally detailed and very beautiful made by a very well known carpenter.  He displayed it and the people only admired the box, and not the priceless peal that occupied it.  My message is to think more in the kingdom of God!  look for the gospel which is the pearl and leave the things of the world which is the beautiful box! Love god and cherish the pearl that we have!!
my new snow boots
I love you guys!! 

Elder Wessel

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