Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, May 4, 2015

Meet the Mormon night at the local theatre
So things are great!! Im loving the mission...Im sorry dont kill me... but I dont have a lot to talk about... IVE GOT TOO MUCH!!!!!

This week we had a showing of MEET THE MORMONS in the huge plaza at a huge major movie theatre!! it was super cool! we had investigators come and had 3 menos activos!! it was fantastic! the movie is great!  I enjoyed watching... even tho it was in Spanish! hhaa but now my loving family sent it to me in package and then in itunes!! it was dope!!!!! wahooo!!

Then with the contacting thing we have found 4 great people and two of them have accepted  the fecha to get baptized!!!! Natalia and a guy named Frank! haha well known American name!! it was great! im not going to tell you about them because when i tell you about the good new people they never work out! just pray hard for them!! just know when we found frank he was already ready the book of Mormon! haha so things i hope will work out!! 

Other than that things are going up and we are loving the work of the lord family! I am happy to say I have survived a year in the mission if I make it to Thursday and if I make it Friday I TURN 20!!!! haha that's cool huh! but things are great! so now, I just keep submitting myself to the will of the lord! 

Also this week the apredizaje is that I learned how to really just bare sincere testimony when I talk with the investigators and the hearts are more open and more willing to recognize me as a servant of God and how God will work in them!! I love it!!

Well that is it! keep loving the family and love God and do his work!!

love you guys  a whole lot!! 

Elder Wessel 

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