Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Thursday, March 26, 2015

HOOLLLAAAA familia, whats good?? 

   So, this week was super good actually.  Kind of.. haha it was super hard.  We walked a ton.  We started out with a great P day.  I have a hair cutting machine that I bought in Cultral Co so I started a barber shop for the missionaries and I cut the homies hair! It was great.  Mom you would be proud of me. ;) P days we usually just play soccer and get some ice cream.  It super good and gets us ready for the week! 

This week was good because we are just focused on getting people baptized. We were focused on how to help everyone like less actives and people and members.. .But the president has stressed that our objective is to baptize. So we are just really focusing on talking to investigators and then less actives.  But mostly the Investigators.  Its super awesome and been a super stressful week because we only have like 3 solid progressing investigators so we have been walking around a lot and have been working hard to find new investigators.  Which leads me to some really awesome stories!!

    On Thursday we had a good experience with a guy name Gabriel.  He was outside smoking on some lovely cigarettes which are totally bad for you.  But we walked up and asked him how he was.  As a trainer.. I let my comp talk and figure his way around Spanish and the gospel.  It was a little bit rough.. But things worked out.  He started out the conversation as a normal missionary would.. not really knowing where to go... then Gabriel told us.. no I’m not interested... I got filled with the spirit and then, I got super humbled... I just started testifying of the truthfulness of the book of Mormon and how it can give us the tools to fully repent and be cleansed.  Then his son walked out, about 5 yrs old, and it was a perfect opportunity to talk about the plan we have to be with our families for ever.  He then had this huge change of heart.  He humbled himself.  I shared the introduction page with him, he read it silently to himself... and then got a little emotional, and said give me a week.  I will read it.  The change of heart in him was incredible.  I really saw the hand of the Lord work in him and saw his heart fill with the spirit.  Also the truthfulness of working as a companionship, and talking the both of us. That was someithing we struggled with before, because of the language barrier for him. But now we finally understood. We are so excited to work with him. Please pray for him!! 

Many experiences to come and many that I have..  Family, I hope I am making you proud.  Sorry dad my emails aren’t the best.  HAHA I just can’t get all the information I want. My hands.... hurt... ;) ahah I will get better.  But just remember that I love you guys! I am doing my best. I will baptize for the lord.  I will bring people unto Christ.  I love you guys!!  

Keep it real like always! Like mommy always tells me... TRUST THE Lord AND PRAY ALWAYS!!!


Elder Wessel

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