Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year
So things are great down here in the mission I am in.... I can honestly say I am working my hardest.  So this week was not a regular week in the missionary field..  First of all it was p day and we had a good day.  Then Tuesday came about, and my companion got his big toe nail taken right off his poor little foot.  Turns out you are not suppose to walk on the foot for 3 days.  So we got wiped out of work for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  But we still managed to get him hobbled around to some parties with the members that they prepared for us for New Years Eve and Day.

New Year’s parties we just went and had a big barbeque at a member’s house and just had a good time really.  The members love us here.  Haha we were always chanting in the ultimo hours of the night, Last Sausage of the year... AYYYYYEEEEE haha it was super funny and we did that for everything. 

Then passed by the parties, and we went back to work.  We found some new investigators like 6 miles away... walking. So it is far.  Haha and we started teaching them.  They are super nice and super receptive to us.  We have only taught them one time as of right now, but we will have stories of them this week.  PROMISE:  they are named Valeria and Miguel.  Pray for them.

Then, we had a good Saturday, with mostly just inviting members to come to church. We only have like 25 that assist from Lago Puelo, so we spent a lot of time finding the members that needed to go and inviting them.  It turned out good and we had a good turnout in church.  28 members from Lago Puelo and ALSO Lucas Came with all his family.  So we are super happy about that. 

We actually had a good Sunday.  The members that we didn’t get to visit and the member’s that didn’t come to church we went and visit and told them how it is.  ahah not, we showed some love and the importance of coming to church.   We as a mission are sharing a lot of the parable of the 99 sheep and the one lost one.  It is actually really cool how the members connect with that story.  I really like using the parables Jesus used in the bible to teach.  It is one thing I have been working on. 

My companion in the hospital
Also, yesterday... as i was writing you guys... about 20 minutes into my time, I see out of the corner of my eye, my companions head fly back, eyes wide open, and then start make this snoring noise.... He fainted.  He has a bad disease or something, that if he has pain in his stomach, his body can’t take it, and just shuts down.  So I was like, WHATTT?? All the people just gathered round. Only I spoke to him, then the guy that runs the cyber, (where we were at) called an ambulance and they came and got him.  It was super crazy.  We ended up staying the whole day in the hospital; and stayed the night as well.  We found a miracle in the hospital.  We found this old 70 year old guy named segundo that is a member but has not gone because he lives in the hospital because he is super sick.  We talked to him, but doesn’t hear very well and doesn’t understand, but said yes to come to church.  So all in all things are good here.  Just a little crack up to meet this old guy!!! haha

I’m happy, My mission is great!! I love you guys! Thanks for the support!! NOS VEMOS.

Elder Wessel

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