Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, July 14, 2014

July, 14, 2014

Elder Hills Birthday
So this week was nuts everybody.. Full of miracles and full of sickness!! hahaha full of laughs and full of God helping us out.. And a lot of humbling myself!! Let’s get started shall we??

So, this week started out really slow! A lot of our investigators just decided to uhhh, not like the gospel anymore... ¿Que Paso? And so we were just running out of appointments. Then Wednesday came around, and I just got sick man. Everything that has ever been in body exited by puking... hahah pardon the extreme content, but it was bad. Soooo its kind of plantar fashidous again.. I can barely walk.. but I walked it off!! its getting better!! The next day came, and I felt like a million bucks! We had a couple appointments but we just didn’t really touch anyone and I don’t know why... then Friday cam and that’s when God put his hand in our work and helped us out!!

We started off that Friday with not missing a minute of preparing for the day and getting ready. We worked hard to have the spirit with us because today we decided to just contact all day. Good news we found 2 new investigators and 4 new people with appointments to come back and 1 new baptism date in the first lesson!! And all that is good about this, I understood Spanish and I could speak pretty well. I really put in the work and just studied really hard this week in Spanish so I could understand better and God realized that I wanted it and he blessed me with a little bit more!!! So my point this week is just work hard for the Lord and he will bless you tremendously!!

Our Newest investigator is named Gilberto! He is about 70 and seems not to really understand his own language!! He is really funny!! And he came to church! He has never been married and doesn’t have any kids.. And lives by himself. It is really sad! A milagro with him was the first time we met him he let us in and we taught the lesson. Gospel of Jesus Christ. The 3rd lesson in Preach my Gospel. We taught him how to pray because he cannot read, so that was the commitment we had to leave him. He followed through and we had a new appointment the next day. We set up a member to come with us. So after lunch on Saturday, we made our way to go pick up this member to take him to Gilbertos house. Low and behold, Gilberto was wandering in this guy’s backyard for no reason... haha it was absolutely hilarious!! And The Hermano we were going to teach with was calling a taxi because he thought we were going to meet him at the church... so we were seriously blessed by god that day! it was fantastic!! The Familia Selpuveda was out of town because its winter vacation for Argentina kids so we didn’t get to teach them, we are keeping in touch through cell phone and they are following through on their commitments. They are progressing a ton!! It’s legit and i love seeing them!! Next is Ivan, she hadn’t really let us come over to teach her because she is busy, but she came to church for the first time, so her baptism date is set back up for the 2 of august!! WAHOOO please pray for these investigators. And let the Holy spirit to touch their hearts!! We had 3 people attend church this week!! They loved it!!

We have this small washer that can only hold like 3 pairs off garments or like 3 shirts at a time. We have to ring out our clothes and hang dry them!! haha really humbling but it is a great experience!! i love it! I’m going to have strong hands, to match my Huge GUNS!!!

 DONT SEND PACKAGES!! WE CAN NOT RECIEVE PACKAGES!! SO IF YOU HAVE::: IM SORRY. i forgot to tell you that!! But we do receive letters and dear elders! I’m the only one in district meetings who doesn’t get dear elders every week.. It sucks!! haha so use and tell me some cool experiences!!!

so Argentina won the semis and lost in the championship!! THEY GO FRIGGIN CRAZY DOWN HERE!! IT’S NUTS!!! It’s so funny!! On Sunday when the game started we had to stay in our pension until the next day. So we spent all day from 4 in the afternoon until today in our house. The pres. said it was okay to take a Sunday nap!! So we might have done that!! It was so nice!! hahaha

I have been blessed with the things people gave me. First my jacket my parents got is saving my life. Looks good and I am warm all day!! I love it!! And also the shoes Chris Guinn got me!! I was so blessed to have him help!! I use the boots all the time!! It’s been raining a lot and so it’s been really muddy!!! And also Karen for the blanket!! I use that thing every night!! I love it so much!! Also the shoes she helped us find!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE HELP AND SUPPORT AND YOUR PRAYERS!! I DO FEEL THEM AND I AM VERY BLESSED! THANK YOU!!!

If you can, find the movie, Special Witness of Christ. It was when Gordon B Hinckley was prophet, and all the apostles speak. I especially love the James E Faust testimony and Maxwell little speech. I bet you can find it on YouTube or something. I suggest you look it up! Strengthened my testimonio so much!! I have to write my President now, but just know i am forever grateful for everything you guys do for me! and all the letters you guys send and your support!! Pray for my investigators more than me! I have a testimony, and they need one! At least pray for me to be able to share that testimony in Spanish!!!

Love you guys and miss you every day!!!!

Elder Clayton Thomas Wessel signing out!!

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