Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, July 7, 2014


Soooo i planned out this whole email then left the paper back at our pension. So i will try and remember everything for you guys!!! im sorry if i suck again!!!! hahahahahhahaha love you guys!!

Ill talk about my investigators. We have one name IVAN, she is the cousin of milagros who is the Granddaughter of Rooth. Rooth is a menos activo. Less active. She had the date of July 26 but she did not come to church so we have to change it. We are still trying to get Rooth to come to church, but she can’t really see so that is her excuse...

Familia Selpuveda. They are 3 girls. The mom Sandra, the 24 yr. old daughter Demara and her little sister that’s 11 and I don’t know her name.. But we have only met with them once and they are super excited. We went to go meet with them yesterday but they just had a baby so we are going back tonight. We will set some fechas tonight!!! haha im pumped!! Pray for us tonight.. With much strength please.

Next we have ALAN. He was a referral from a member, and he wanted to learn English. SO we went and taught him English as service, and as we were teaching English we were trying to tie in religion somehow... and then he just randomly asked what religion are you guys and why did you want to teach me English for free.. Usually that cost like 150 pesos a visit... and we taught him the first principals of the restoration, and set a return appointment for tonight. Pray for him tonight a lot as well please.

I have been studying how to start conversations with people on the street and how to find people to teah... if you guys get a chance go to the Preach My Gospel on the internet or in a book, look up chapter 10 then go to family history stuff. It is insane and has a wonderful story. Mom you would love it!! (Jacob 5) ahah
Our 4th of July

I have been translating the BoM in Spanish to try and learning Spanish better. it’s going to take forever. haaha but I will do it before I get home. I love learning Spanish. It is getting hard tho. We talked to this guy who is also another future invest. And we talked about the plan of salvation. We asked where does he think families go after this life... and can the live forever... He did not know... I felt so much love for him at this time.. it SO SAD to see someone who loves their family so much and think they only have a limited time with them... I can’t wait to teach him and bring him to Christ with me. He trusted us a lot and told us a story about his son. He was two and ate a bad chemical and got really messed up. HE had to relearn how to speak, how to walk and do everything. It was so sad. He said he saw the work of God in his life. He wants to follow in the right direction.

I have been blessed with the gift of toungues down here. I still don’t know how to spell that word. But I am learning. But at the same time, I feel like I am not respected... I feel like people think I am a new missionary and don’t know what i am talking about... so in lessons or study time I get cut off a lot or people try and change what I say because they think I don’t know what I said.. I am praying for patience and love instead of getting angry. Its a small trial that shouldn’t matter. And I know things can get better.

IN Argentina there is a bunch of graffiti!! Cars are going everywhere and my foot is as good as broken. haha I can hardly walk. I wanna tell you about how people give directions here in Argentina. They do not say the address... They say, YOu know the street alberdi, they reply yeah, go two blocks on that, then turn right, you follow? Yeah. Follow for 3 blocks turn left. It is the house with the huge garden but you have to pass the huge rock on the right then you know you are there. You get it?? Yeah. THEY FIND IT EVERY TIME!!!!!! They are loco!! haha

Argentina is winning. We have to be in our apartment when they play. And then after they win we have to stay in our apartment for an hour to two hours because people drive drunk and get crazy. HAhA it’s cool. Horns go off for two hours, cars are swerving honking horns, kids are hanging outside the windows yelling VAMOS ARGENTINA kids kicking soccer balls in the streets, everyone has the jersey on and has a painted face.. HAHAH they love their country. It’s awesome!!!

Love you family!! love one another!! LOVE CHRIST FIRST and work in the glory of God!!

Elder Wessel

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