Elder Wessel

Elder Wessel

Monday, July 21, 2014

Chapter 5: Something of a Mission

The picture of the zone at the Asado!!
Family it’s so good to hear from all of you.  I am filled with the spirit today while I am writing this. I just wrote an email to Anna, and I hope she is doing well.  The lord has blessed us with more than what we deserve.  I know I am not the most humble, or the most spiritual but I know I am nothing without God.  I also know that I am nothing without my family.  I want everyone to tell me good experiences. Tell me how well they are doing. Tell me all the good stuff that happens because they were in a trial and they turned to Our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST in prayer.  I know he lives. I know died for us.  I know he suffered the same things we did times the number of people who have ever lived.. He has been through it all.  I know this because I stand as a witness.  I have received an answer to my prayers. I have seen the hand of God in my life.  I have seen the blessings he has given me.  So be happy.  We live in a Gospel that no one can take from us.  Act like it!!!!  Johnny I am so happy you are using the priesthood!! It is such a sacred gift that God gave us!! Wow it’s so cool to hear that!!!! WAHOOOOO
In other words, things here have been weird. My language seems to be improving so much. I can confidently hold conversations with people without my companion. Although I do need him all the time.  I was blessed with such a good, humble, loving companion.  I really got lucky.  We are not having a lot of success with teaching people right now.  We have a solid three that we can always visit and have baptismal dates.. But other than that, we are trying to contact and find people to teach all the time!!!

I mentioned contacting, I wanna tell you why I like it.  Haha there are so many different ways people can reject you or turn you down.  I love how people turn us down. It’s so funny.  My favorite, is people peak out their window and then see us and dive away trying to stay out of our view.  Haha it’s so funny.  The best way I have seen, is when they come out to say no, and we just bare a short testimony and they immediately get interested.  We hand them a little passalong card or a folleto and then set a return appointment.  The spirit is the best thing when it is allowed to speak! 

Last week on P day we had a huge Asado.  That means like a barbeque.  It was so tasty.  It was like a huge tucanos at this members place.  You don’t eat anything else but straight meat!!! Haha sooooo delicious.  There is this things called churizo. It is a bratwurst but Argentinian. And wayyyy better. Man it was so good!!! I will send some pics!!

We do this thing called Intercambios.  It’s when my companion or I go to another area in our mission and switch companions for the day.  We do that so we can get new ideas and then work harder when we see each other again.  Haha it’s really cool!! Mostly do it because my comp is the zone leader. 

I started off with a zone leader named Elder Duty.  He lived in OKC like 10 min outside of the city he says!! But he taught me the importance of always having the testimony of the truthfulness of this Book of Mormon and this Gospel.  It was cool to sit down and talk with him.  He is a convert of 2 and a half years.  He has been on a mission longer than he was a member at home!! Crazy huh?? Haha I love hearing those stories!! It’s so cool to hear convert stories!!

I found Courage the crowdedly dog!!
Gilberto is still progressing, but he was not able to come to church because he was finally getting a bathroom installed at his house!! He hasn’t had one for 10 years he said.  I feel so bad for him!! We did service and helped him clean out his outhouse!! It’s so cool to see smiles on peoples face when they accept the gospel!!

Ivan still has her baptism date. We met with her mom and her mom didnt accept a date to be baptized but she said she would be if she found out this was a true church. So pray for her guidance and what we need to do to help her find out for herself!!

I have been trying to read in D&C this week and learn from it. I came across my favorite chapter in the whole book of Mormon and D&C.  It is D&C 11.  I want to give it to you guys and find out what yours gifts are from god! And what he wants you to do in this life. It’s a powerful chapter! I love it!!

Lovin it!!!!!
I don’t have much time! But I love you family!! Keep working hard! Love the gospel and turn to god before anyone or anything else!!

Elder Clayton Wessel

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